The Shopping Resolutions.

25 January 2018

It's 2018. I mean, how did that even happen?! I'm so glad it did though because I don't know about you but I was so incredibly ready for putting 2017 quite firmly in the bin. I saw a cheering tweet the other day that pointed out that in a trilogy of books 2016 would have been the year when we set up the story and realised things were starting to go wrong, 2017 would be when it got absolutely terrible and bleak so we couldn't see our way out and 2018 would be the dramatic climax in which evil is vanquished and the world is saved - so going by that I've got high hopes and expectations for 2018!

On a personal note the last few years haven't been great for me - Donald Trump, Brexit and all other big worldly issues aside - and I'm pretty determined to change that. I've set myself some big goals for the upcoming year and I'm going to make sure I do my absolute best to smash them - and if I fail in the process then I'll learn from it and try again.

I've always been 'a shopper', I've always enjoyed clothes and fashion and always spent a good portion of my money on them - right back from when I'd save up 3 weeks pocket money to get the dress I wanted in Topshop. But last year as my mental health depreciated my spending increased, massively. I wasn't happy and I attempted to fix that over and over again by convincing myself that 'when I just own that lipstick' or 'that jumper' or 'that bag' that somehow the mood I was feeling would just magically lift and I would go skipping off into the sunset of happiness wearing that jumper and bag and lipstick.

Obviously what went wrong with my health last year was not going to be fixed by a new dress, nothing was going to make anything better until I started being honest with myself about what I was going through and luckily I got there just in time. However, I do know, 100% honestly, that I feel better about myself when I'm making an effort. At the height of last year's depression I was showering, begrudgingly, on the days I had to go to work and not at all when I didn't. My hair was going unwashed for weeks at a time. I pulled on the same jeans and jumpers for work that I hated and didn't make me feel good about myself over and over again, and when I got home I'd pick my pyjamas off the floor from where I'd left them that morning and put them back in immediately. I completely gave up with my appearance, whilst still buying extraordinary amounts of stuff because I was convinced if I found the right thing it would make me care enough to make an effort. But I made no effort and felt horrible and then felt so worthless that there was absolutely no point in me making an effort with myself.

Whilst depression doesn't just go away and I know I'll work on myself every day, probably for the rest of my life, one of the resolutions I have this year is definitely to make more of an effort. To practise the self care that is getting up and showering in the morning, not letting my hair go more than a week without having been washed and blow dried, to treat my body better and to put on some of the stupidly extensive make up collection I've been hoarding and not using for most of last year.

I've already put up a video on my YouTube channel about my year long beauty no-buy that I'm undertaking because of how overwhelmed I feel by my collection and how I need to focus on using it and getting to know it again, as I bought so mindlessly last year. I also have that same sense of being overwhelmed by my wardrobe and my although I'm not going on a clothing no-buy I definitely want to buy better this year.

The first shopping resolution I'm making is to buy things that fit me. Seriously, I have everything in my wardrobe from an 8-14 and maybe 1% of it fits me right now. I bought a lot last year for 'when I've lost 2 stone' or 'when I'm back to a size 10.' All well and good but now I have an overflowing wardrobe and no idea what actually fits me, what I can wear and whether that pair of trousers I can wear has a top to match that also fits. Of course I've mentioned above that as part of my overall new year's resolution to make more of an effort for myself that I want to treat my body better - and that does mean exercising and it does mean less biscuits at 3am because I can't sleep. And I can't pretend that I wouldn't love to drop a few dress sizes and be back to a size 10, but a few weeks of eating well and exercising isn't going to get me there - and I deserve to feel good about myself during that process rather than keeping all the 'I feel confident' feels for the end of it - which is realistically months of work away. I feel completely out of touch with my body - when I look in the mirror I don't recognise the person looking back at me, but hiding it in shitty clothes isn't the way to get back in touch with it, so I want to buy nice things in whatever size I need them to be so that they fit, and feel good about myself on a daily basis.

The second shopping resolution is that I want to buy less. I'm not going to make sweeping statements about becoming an ethical shopper, because that's a minefield, but I am more and more aware of the impact of fast fashion on our environment and on the people who work to create the clothes that often end up at landfill. To be honest I don't buy things thinking I'll wear them once, but with the sheer amount that I buy I find myself wearing the same things over and over again because the undertaking that digging through my wardrobe to find things is puts me right off looking for anything else. So though I intend to wear the things I buy they get swallowed up into the black hole that is my wardrobe and I don't wear them. So this year it's definitely about buying less, wearing everything and maybe even implementing a one-in-one-out system. I want to be more aware of everything that I own and stop being such an over-consumer.

And that's it - my two shopping resolutions. I know, it doesn't seem a lot - buy less and buy things that fit, but against the amount I bought last year and the % of that amount that I could actually choose to wear right now, they're pretty big changes to implement. I'm never going to be the girl who has a 20 item capsule wardrobe and I'm certainly never going to be a minimalist. But if I can aim to be the girl who enjoys and wears pretty much everything she owns, that's a step in the right direction.

January 2018 Wishlist

Black Dungarees - I think these should be quite flattering as they don't have any pockets and the thin straps should mean that they don't overwhelm my narrow shoulders like normal dungarees do.

Grey & Black Wellington Boots - I love Duo boots, they're great quality and they offer a range of calf fittings. These wellies would have been incredibly useful during the snow last week as I had a few meetings I wanted to look a bit smarter at, but the storms made that quite difficult. These would keep my dry whilst still being presentable and although the snow is gone I'm fairly sure we'll get a whole lot of rain to contend with throughout the year.

Tobacco Cardigan & Check Trousers - I fell in love with this cardigan after seeing Joanie post it on their instagram and when I clicked through the cardigan had been styled with the trousers. Again I'm on the lookout for things that are smarter for doing client meetings and I feel like this combo would be acceptable in a business situation whilst still feeling 'like me' and not too corporate. I also love that Joanie actively show you most of their clothes on more than one model so you can get an idea of how the designs fit on different sizes and they're a brand I'd like to support based on that. I haven't bitten the bullet and placed an order yet, but this could well be the combo that does it.

Pearl Embellished Jeans - I tried these on in New York and convinced myself not to buy them as I didn't think the embellishment being around my hips was all that flattering. But ultimately I still love them, I always find 7 For All Mankind denim to be great quality that's worth the price tag and they've now gone into sale, so once I get a few invoices through I'm definitely treating myself to these.

Cherry Red Huntsman Boots & Navy Suede Boots - I recently realised that every pair of boots I own except from my navy suede boots have a heel on them. And what pair do I wear the most? The non heeled pair. In the past I've skimped on every day clothes and put my money into special occasion pieces - my high heel collection is beautiful and I love it and don't regret a single pair, but on a practical level of using and loving everything I own, if I'm running into town for dinner I might wear heels, but if I'm going in for a day of shopping I want flats. My flat navy blue boots have been my most worn shoes for the past two years and they're looking pretty worse for wear, they've been resoled and heeled multiple times and had their zips replaces, so it's definitely nearing time to retire them and get some new ones.

Navy Blue Dress - Talking of wearing and loving items, I own this dress in burgundy and green and they're such easy go to outfits to throw on over a top and not have to think too much about. These dresses are great for work, client meetings or a cinema trip or brunch with the girls. They really are becoming a staple and I know if I pick up the third colour it will get used as much as the other two.

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  1. Two excellent clothing resolutions, and ones I've been trying to adopt myself for a while now! My wardrobe is full of things that don't fit, for "one day", but I've become a bit more realistic over the past few years about whether or not that "one day" is ever going to come. Selling things on means I can justify buying new things that fit me now, because I deserve to look and feel good about myself right now.

    Hope to see more of you this year, lovely.

    Lis / last year's girl x


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