NYC Prep!

27 October 2017

I officially go to New York 5 weeks today, which is both amazing but also terrifying - because I am still not prepared! Our plans for food and where we want to go are now pretty set, so it's now down to the 'What am I going to wear?!' and 'I need to get my hair done before we go!' type of prep.

I have a coat I can wear for going but I've mentioned this Monsoon one before and I still do love it. I've tried it on and it fits nicely but it's not to bulky for going in and out of shops and it would fit so well into my existing wardrobe too, as I'm a sucker for navy and red.

It's going to be cold while we're away (but Christmassy and beautiful, so I'm not complaining!) so high neck jumpers seem like a good idea and I love this bargainous but beautiful blue one. Scott has likened it to someone whose arms are in the process of transitioning into a werewolf whilst the rest of them stays human, but I think we can safely put that down to him having no concept of style! I love the colour and the sleeves have just enough 'winter is coming' about them to make me feel a bit Stark like! Next to it is this slightly less bargainous but hopefully amazing quality colour block jumper. I love the shade of green for Autumn/Winter and I think it'd look super chic whilst still being warm and cosy.

Speaking of jumpers, the green one on the bottom of the collage is actually from Prinstome who are a reliable company for fast t-shirt printing. Obviously going to New York at Christmas t-shirts maybe aren't the most practical item, but I feel like it would be so much fun to have matching themed hoodies for wearing on the plane - and this one looks super cosy. Two Scottish girls going to New York at Christmas time in their matching sweaters - I feel like its the start of a movie...

Lastly on the 'things to wear' front, if I was buying new boots for going it would be these gorgeous Huntsman boots from Ted and Muffy / Duo in the cherry red leather. I think they'd compliment my coat so well and they'd match the scarf I'm taking - which is the one I showed in this video back in January. I've had a few pairs of boots from this brand - back from when they were Duo through to Ted & Muffy and now they're back again and they are expensive, but they're very worth it - all of mine are still in great condition, despite being very well used!

Skincare wise we all know planes dehydrate your skin like crazy, and I feel like grabbing one of the Charlotte Tilbury dry sheet masks for using on our arrival night probably wouldn't hurt. I haven't tried this mask before but I've heard amazing things, and I have high hopes that it could sort of my post-plane skin!

Speaking of post plane skin, as well as dehydrating my skin the plane is also a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, which can led to break outs, especially on my oily skin. This LED Light Therapy mask from Neutrogena treats the skin with the blue light to kill the acne causing bacteria in the skin - which will be at a huge high after a plane journey, and the red light reduces inflammation in the skin. It's a bit of an investment, but I recently paid quite a lot for a facial that combined dermaplaning and the LED light treatment, so if I'm paying upfront to be able to treat myself at home I'm technically saving money - not that I'll be trying dermaplanning at home mind you!

Lastly, for keeping my oil in check I think I'll treat myself to these products from REN - the clarimatte toner and gel moisturiser, which both claim to balance oil on the skin and keep breakouts at bay. I've linked to these at M&S as, if I purchase them on November 9th, this would get me the minimum spend to buy the M&S beauty advent calendar, which, if they go with the same as last year, will be £35 if you spend £35. I've bought one advent calendar already this year so I'm not sure if I'll go for another one, but when I'm planning to buy these products anyway...

*Post in collaboration with Printsome. 
All items picked, opinions and love of themed clothing entirely my own*

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