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10 October 2017

Isle of Skye Candle Company - Sleep Sensations 3 Wick Candle

After receiving an Isle of Skye Sleep Sensations Votive candle as part of an event run by People Make Glasgow for the Style Mile Fest last year I've been a fan of these candles, recommending them to everyone and anyone. Looking for a clean burning candle? I've got you covered.

It occurred to me that, despite telling everyone I know IRL, I had never actually shared a proper blog post dedicated to these candles, so when I did a stock up last month I decided to photograph them and finally share the details.

The company was started in 2006 by James, who worked alone until 2009 - which is incredible! Imagine starting and running your own company by yourself for that long - what an inspiring story... You can read more about the company here; but the history aside let's talk about the products themselves.

The candles are made with high quality soya wax, which means they burn more cleanly and the wax used burns at a lower temperature, which means that the fragrances are not burnt off and you actually get a much better scent payoff from these candles than with others. That scent payoff is certainly there with both of the three wick candles I've shown in this post, they truly fill the room and strongly enough that they (there's not really a delicate way to put this...) cover the smell that somehow seems to linger even after Sansa's litter tray has been cleaned out.

The Juniper scent is very fresh but still relaxing and I've been burning that one downstairs, but the Sleep Sensations one has been firmly in my bedroom and it definitely helps to calm me down at night. There is lavender in the Sleep Sensations formula, and I'm not usually a huge fan of lavender scents, and it's mixed with tea tree and grapefruit, again neither of which I particularly like, but somehow mixed together these three just work. It make my room smell like a spa, which is what I'm all about and definitely creates an ambiance that makes me want to unwind and go to sleep.

Since Sansa is still a young cat I can't leave candles burning unattended (yes, I know you're not meant to anyway, but let's just not pretend we don't walk out of rooms with candles burning in them!) so I can't do what I previously would, which is put the candle on then go into the bathroom and shower/wash my face/faff about before coming back to my bedroom, by then usually filled with scent, and finish off my skincare and settle into bed; but even though I don't light this candle till I go into my room the three wick sends out such a good scent so quickly that I hardly notice the slight hold up in my routine.

As for the air freshener, which I went for in the Ginger & Nutmeg scent, it's been giving out plenty of scent to fill the car. The website says these last up to three weeks and it's now been in our car for around 4, and still seems to be going strong! For £2.50 I'm very impressed and will be purchasing another one! We don't eat in the car generally so there's not any smell to mask, so not sure how they'd hold up against a McDonalds drive through, but if the Juniper vs Sansa's Litter Tray throwdown is anything to go by, I'm fairly sure these would outdo any cheeseburgers.

Next on my list is the Winter Warmer scent, and if you'd like to have a sniff at these then you can check out the store list here - or if you don't have a physical store near you then the stockists are here.

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