Venison Surf & Turf with Garlic and Parmesan Mini Hasselback Potatoes

18 September 2017

As soon as I saw Fine Dining as a theme for Scot Food Fort I knew I was going to do some kind of Surf & Turf - I'm a massive fan of a steak and lobster meal, especially when we go to Florida, and originally that was exactly what I was going to do - but when these Highland Game Venison Steaks caught my eye in Waitrose I decided to try something a little bit different from the standard steak.

Paired with the garlic and parmesan hassle back style potatoes, I knew lobster would have been a little bit too much else to fit on the plate, so I instead opted for prawns to give that feeling of having a good surf and turf but without too many big players competing for space on the plate. This was definitely one of my favourite things I've made in a while and although I'd never cooked venison before I basically followed the instructions and it came out perfectly.

I'm actually not a huge sauce person, so I served my steak up just with it's own juices which was more than moist enough for me, but do feel free to add in a sauce if that's how you like yours!

To recreate mine, you will need:
Highland Game Venison Steaks - 250g 
Ready To Eat Prawns
New Potatoes
Mackintosh of Glendaveny Garlic Infused Rapseed Oil
Parmesan Cheese
Asparagus Tips
For the potatoes I decided to do mini hasselback potatoes made with some baby potatoes. I actually wanted to use the Scotty Brand baby potatoes but had finished up my supply and I'm nearer an M&S than Waitrose, so the M&S babies got pulled in for duty, but when I'm making this again I will use the Scotty Brand ones. 

I washed the potatoes and, while they were drying, preheated my oven to 180 degrees (I have a fan to go for 200 if you don't.) I used the 'wooden spoon trick' for slicing up the potatoes - it ensures your knife doesn't go all the way down and slice through, though after doing two this way I got cocky and did the rest myself as I preferred a slightly deeper cut to let the potatoes fan out a little more.

I then placed the potatoes (I did 3 for each of us, which doesn't seem very generous but once you consider everything else on your plate 3 is totally fine!) on a tin foiled lined baking tray and rather over enthusiastically drizzled 2 tbsps of the Mackintosh of Glendaveny Garlic Infused Rapeseed oil over them. In retrospect it was a little too much oil as when the potatoes were done they still has a little oil spilling out, so I'd only use 1 tbsp next time. Once the oven was ready I popped the potatoes in for 20 minutes.

At the 20 minute mark I took my potatoes out and covered them in my grated parmesan cheese before putting them back in the oven for another 15 minutes. 

During that second 15 minute stint it was time to do the venison, I first of all placed my pan on a high heat to let it get hot prior to the meat going in, then took the venison steaks out of the packet and seasoned them with salt and pepper and sprayed them with a little oil. As soon as they hit the pan there was a hugely satisfying sizzle, and off we went. I simply did 2.5 minutes on one side, turned the heat down to medium, flipped over and did 2.5 on the other, then turned and did each side for another minute and a half. That gave me a gorgeously tender venison steak that was on the rare side, but you can do an extra 3 minutes if you prefer your meat more medium. In the last minute that they were in the pan I also chucked in my prawns to give them a heat. I had ready to eat prawns so it was literally just a case of warming them.
I then transferred the steaks to a separate plate and chucked my aspragus into the pan beside the prawns, to let them cook in the juices from the steak. At this point I also turned the oven off and went to get my plates prepared. I placed the steaks and prawns on the plate, keeping the asparagus in the pan and pulled the potatoes out and dished them out between the two of us. 

Fine dining is all about presentation so I used a piece of kitchen roll to wipe around the food on the plates, mopping up the juices and then turned the pan off and placed the asparagus on the side. 

I even served up my meal on our Rennie Mackintosh plates - since it was for Scot Food Fort after all! 

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