BBQ Wedges

17 September 2017

Guys... I had such plans for BBQ day. I was doing a rack of ribs it was all going to be wonderful and then the fact I am not a full time blogger came into play and unfortunately I just didn't have time to prepare and photograph and writer a blog post on that - so I've got a super simple BBQ recipe that you can whip up with pretty minimal effort, that still tastes amazing. Cheesy BBQ Wedges. Its might not be a rack of ribs, but they are as good as they sound, I promise.

Like all great wedges they start with using the best potatoes - and the Albert Bartlett Roosters* are just that. I used them in my Best Ever Baked Potatoes here and my Cheesy Wedges here (omg, yes, there is a theme - I love a really good quality potato covered in cheese, I actually hadn't notice till now... but since these are Cheesy BBQ Wedges, they're totally different!)

They really do make for the best potatoes for creating chips with and this time I also brought my Tefal Actifry into play to make my chips with. The actifry has honestly been one of the most used gadgets in our kitchen since we bought it and I can totally say that when Scott & I eventually move into our own place it's one of the first things I would invest in for my own kitchen - I use it at least once a week and there's seemingly no end to what you can make with it. Ours is a few years old now and although it shows no signs of stopping if it did stop working tomorrow I'd be out purchasing another tomorrow night, I really can't live without it. No, not sponsored by Tefal and I wasn't given a free actifry, I just genuinely love it.
It does recommend to use a tbsp of oil with the actifry, but I tend to just spray over some of this Filippo Berico Olive Oil spray, which doesn't add to a tbsp but gives enough for the potatoes to crisp up in. I scrubbed the potatoes then cut them skin on, but you can of course remove the skin if you'd rather.
For the BBQ I used a total kitchen cheat from SpiceNTice - their BBQ rub. I found SpiceNTice through the Slimming World Instagram community and they do a load of different rubs and kits and the BBQ one is delicious on wedges. I added a 1 tbsp to my chips and that made 2 good portions. For the Slimming Worlders amongst you it comes in at 0.5 syns a tsp.

Just look at how good these chips look!!!
You're 100% good to leave them here and eat them like this - they're amazing just as they are, but me being me I of course added tomato ketchup and some Scottish cheese. You know what they say, if it ain't broke...

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