Sweet Chilli & Pistachio Scotch Lamb Wraps

17 September 2017

Way way back at the start of my YouTube channel I blogged about a Scotch Lamb Food Festival that I had attended - you can check out the vlog here, though to be honest I wouldn't recommend - it was done on my iPhone and I would never put up a video of that quality now - but what I would recommend from it is the Scotch Lamb Street Food inspired recipe from Chef Jacqueline O'Donnell that I featured in the vlog - and for Scot Food Fort's Street Food theme that was the first recipe that it popped into my head to showcase. As I followed this recipe from my blog there aren't specific amounts involved, it was a lot of guesswork and down to how many people you want to serve - but this is a delicious recipe that is so worth you trying!
 Ingredients wise you need:
Scotch Lamb Mincemeat
Sweet Chilli Sauce
Fennel Seeds and Pistachios (you're going to ground these up together, so if you can find pre-ground all the better!)
Natural Yogurt
Salad - I used iceberg lettuce, beetroot, onion and mint. At the event Jacqueline used radish rather than onion, but I couldn't find any and the onion worked just as well...

The star of the show is of course the Scotch Lamb meat, when buying Scotch Lamb look out for that blue and yellow symbol on the top right of the packet - it indicated that what you're buying is PGI. I thought it had to have both that symbol and the blue 'Scotch Lamb' ribbon, which it turns out it doesn't't, as long as it has the PGI symbol you're good. What's PGI? It stands for Protected Geographical Indication and it means you get a whole host of guarantees which you can read about here. It ensures high quality meat with clear traceability and sustainable farming. You can buy Scottish Lamb, but without that PGI symbol you don't have the guarantees that the PGI scheme ensures.

To make the lamb wraps you first of all want to get the hard job our of the way by grinding up you fennel seeds and pistachios.
You're going to coat your lamb in this so how many you want to grind up will be decided by how many you're feeding.

After that you want to get everything like a production line...

 A plate for each sweet chilli sauce, the ground pistachios and fennel mix, the salad, and the natural yogurt with a spoon, not to forget your wraps.
Once this is ready it's time to do your lamb - take the mince and roll it into little mini sausages (or not so mini if you prefer; they definitely don't look like the most appetising food - but trust me, they taste phenomenal once they're done!

For cooking you don't need long with these - about 3 minutes on each side should do.

After that it's super simple - you follow along your production line.
You roll your lamb in your sweet chilli sauce, coat it in the pistachio and fennel mix, place that on your wrap, add your chosen salad and then a dollop of natural yogurt - close over your wrap and you're done!

A super simple, tasty meal made with Scotch Lamb PGI mince.
This post is part of my contribution to the 2017 Scot Food Fort - to learn more about Scot Food Fort check out my original post here, and join in online using the hashtags #scotfoodfort and #onethingfortnight.

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