Review: Itison at the Atlantic Bar and Brasserie, Glasgow

1 September 2017

Since I'm doing Scot Food Fort (starting tomorrow- eek!) I thought I may as well try my hand at blogging every day in September - with a Scottish theme. Scottish September? #ScotSept? Who knows! It doesn't have an official name yet and may indeed end up being a huge fail but I've realised I don't think I make enough of really showcasing the Scottish brands that feature in my life and I think, as a Scottish blogger, that's something I should be doing - given the insider Scottish knowledge.

Itison is a bit like a Northern specific version of Groupon - bringing deals out on a daily basis, most of which are for Scottish places. Itison started in Glasgow and still has HQ there, but it's grown to also now include Newcastle amongst the cities it offers deals for - which is exactly the type of growth I want to see Scottish businesses have. On the Glasgow deals recently there was an offer for a meal for two with a cocktail at Atlantic Bar and Brasserie, which I've instagrammed plenty of times as their cocktails are some of my favourites, but I've never gotten round to blogging about, so today seemed the perfect time.

We made our reservation for Sunday and arrived to find out table laid out for us with menus waiting.

The restaurant had Itison specific menus printed, which I'm hoping means they intend to run a partnership with them again as I would definitely return (nothing like giving away your review thoughts in the first couple of lines, eh?) and upon entry included with the voucher you had a choice of three cocktails. My gran opted for the Clydeside and I plumped for the Lemon Drop Martini. I've never had a drink I disliked at the Atlantic and that didn't change with these, I tried both and would order both again. The lemon in the Clydeside meant they weren't too dissimilar, though the Lemon Drop Martini was, as expected, slightly sweeter, but both were really refreshing and light.

The meal started with an Amuse Bouche, which is made up daily by the chefs and will change whenever you visit, but that's all part of the fun. Ours was a sort of beef broth, and it was a nice way to start off the meal.
For the starters I opted for the pate - which was divine. I could go back and eat this every day. It came with some beautiful pain de campaign (French sourdough, basically) and a spiced pear chutney, which was delicious. The portion sizes on both the starters and mains were huge, and that would be my one minor complaint - was that I felt as though I could have taken a fifteen minute break between them as I was so full from my starter - but what kind of complaint would that be really? For her starter my gran opted for the goats cheese salad. I didn't try this as I'm actually not a fan of goats cheese (I know - I'm a traitor to the food bloggers of the world!) but she said it was delicious.

For the main courses I opted for the rotisserie chicken with roast potatoes and vegetables.
The roast potatoes weren't what I think of when I think of roast potatoes as there wasn't really any crust to them, but they were very nice. The chicken was melt in the mouth and the vegetables were excellent - I had it with gravy but might try the smoked hickory sauce next time.

My gran had the salmon, which I tried a bit of and can confirm was wonderful. Again though, the portion was huge - it doesn't look it in the picture but it was and the combination of beans with mashed potatoes was quite moreish - but as long as you can handle your carbs I'd totally recommend it.

At this point my gran also had a glass of dry white wine, can't remember which one, sorry, from the extensive wine list. I do like wine but at Atlantic it's all about the cocktails for me and so I ordered my favourite of the bunch - the Heaven On Her Lips. Which is Heaven, on my lips. It's a gin based cocktail and if you don't take up my food recommendation I insist you go for this cocktail alone - sitting in the bar with one of these and a good book is one of my favourite pastimes.

By the time the desserts came I as far too full, I had a spoonful of each and to be honest can't remember much of them - I think I was too full on chicken and gin by this point to really have an opinion. If you're visiting and can't get the Itison deal I'd recommend the starters and the mains over the desserts, though I'm more of a savoury person anyway, so I would say that.

As well as an extensive wine list the Atlantic also features lots of Scottish and French gins, and my gran decided to finish off the meal with the Misty Isle gin, with some Fever tree tonic. The standard gin measure is a double, and the Misty Isle gin was beautiful (I stole a sip) - it's almost slightly spicy but in a highly pleasant way.

If you want to check out the Atlantic their menus are here, they offer a Gluten Free and Foodmap menu for those of you with special requirements and are also currently booking Christmas 2017.

You can find Atlantic downstairs at 12-16 St Vincent Place, G1 2EU and give them a call to book on 0141 221 0220.

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