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21 August 2017

If you watched this Walt Disney World Haul from my 2015 trip you'll have seen me coming home with some black and white Disney art that I was in love with. I had every intention of starting one of those chic black and white gallery walls, I honestly did, but somehow they're still sitting in their cases waiting on me buying frames and picking the best spot.

I suppose what partly put me off was that I had three reasonably small pieces of art and I knew starting the gallery wall look was going to cost quite a pretty penny; and as well as the cost I knew it was a project I was going to have to dedicate a lot of time to - I didn't want just any old art on the wall to fill a space, I wanted things that were meaningful to me. But I also didn't want to spend half my time looking at a half empty wall - my lack of patience is not my best quality!

Fast forward to a month ago when Jennifer Beck got in touch to ask if I'd like one of her beautiful Glasgow prints and my gallery wall dreams were resurrected - needless to say I absolutely jumped at the chance. Here was a stunning print of my beloved home city and the best part was it came in a multitude of sizes - from 8 x 10 up to 24 x 36... Not only was this a nicely personal addition to my wall but I could get it in the large 24 x 36 size so as to take up a large amount of that empty space - win!

The prices on the website are in $ but I didn't pay any customs charges when it arrived (very important as we all know how a reasonably priced purchase can become a completely unreasonably priced one once those customs hit!) and it arrived in perfect condition - protected inside it's sturdy tube.

It's even more beautiful in real life than it is on camera, the paper it's printed on is gorgeous and thick - it feels like excellent quality, not like a flimsy print on standard printer paper.

I tracked down a clip frame online and ordered it as although this is called 'Glasgow Street Map Poster' it's way better quality than any poster I ever remember purchasing in HMV and sticking to my wall with blu-tack (to my parents horror, as I don't think blu-tack ever properly cleaned off!) I had purchased some wall adhesive in advance of it arriving but it just seemed too much of a shame to do anything other than properly frame this piece of art once I had it in my hands.

I absolutely love this print and I'm looking forward to slowly but surely collating the rest of my gallery. A black and white gallery wall seems like a nice way to collect art, but without seeming old and stuffy - I'm not morphing into my parents yet! Well, as if the three toy dragons that guard my beauty stash didn't give that away anyway - I am the Khaleesi. Now, I wonder if I can find a black and white print proclaiming that as my next piece....

Check out the website here for the print, amongst prints of other cities too, if Glasgow isn't your home!

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  1. Ah it is gorgeous, good luck with creating your gallery wall!

    The Quirky Queer


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