#ScotFoodFort 2017!

30 August 2017

If asked I class myself as a Scottish Lifestyle Blogger, who dabbles in being a Food Blogger (along with a Fashion Blogger, Beauty Blogger, Travel Blogger, Theatre Blogger and a Whatever I Feel Like Today Blogger)(In fact, my ideal life would be to be a full time Christmas blogger - sharing Christmas recipes, Christmas film reviews, Christmas market reviews, travelling the world to rate the Department Store Santas - it would be great. But somewhat niche and I'm not sure how financially viable it really is, those department store Santa trips cost a fortune these days! Plus other than the Christmas fanatics like me I'm not sure how much of an audience it would really have for 80% of the year...) However, I do often end up on the Scottish Food Blogger lists, which is mainly because I often review restaurants as part of the Food & Drink or Glasgow parts of my blog - but I'm usually about sharing places to go and eat, I've only actually shared a handful of actual recipe posts on here. 

Over the next few weeks - starting on Saturday 2nd September through to Sunday 17th September I'm going to make an effort to be a better Scottish Food Blogger and share some proper recipes as part of #ScotFoodFort #OneThingFortnight. 

This is not something I've been paid to do, but it is something that I think is important - I am passionate about supporting local businesses and where possible I always buy Scottish, so when I have this platform to use I think it's important that I do use it - not just to share what lipstick or pair of shoes I currently love - but to share the food and drink that I consume regularly and is my go to for good quality meals. Every time you spend money you make a political choice - you chose who to support. For me, not only is Scottish produce superior to many others, I want to make sure the country I live in grows and keeps its place on the world platform as a food producer. Even when I visit Florida or New York - places all the way across the world and with access to some fantastic fishing and farming - I always notice Scottish Salmon and Angus Beef on the menus. 

Each day has a different theme and each day I'll be posting something that I buy or make using Scottish ingredients that fits the theme, and I'd love it if you guys following along either get inspired to try something (tweet me or tag me @rosekeats on Twitter and Instagram if you do!) or even if you get involved and create your own options. If you do want to get involved the themes for each day are:

Saturday 2nd September - Picnic
Sunday 3rd September - Afternoon Tea
Monday 4th September - Office Meeting
Tuesday 5th September - Packed Lunch
Wednesday 6th September - TV Dinner
Thursday 7th September - Sport Snack
Friday 8th September - Children's Party
Saturday 9th September - Drinks Party
Sunday 10th September - Weekend Lunch
Monday 11th September - Coffee Break
Tuesday 12th September - Breakfast
Wednesday 13th September - Family Meal
Thursday 14th September - Street Food
Friday 15th September - BBQ
Saturday 16th September - Fine Dining
Sunday 17th September - Brunch

The hashtags to use to join in on social media are #OneThingFortnight and #ScotFoodFort and the hub will be @ScotFoodFort on Twitter, and @eat_scottish on Instagram.

Fiona Richmond, Head of Regional Food, says: "Please do get involved and let us know what you are doing to support the Fortnight. We'll be offering a prize at the end of the Fortnight to the person we deem to have been the most dedicated supporter of the campaign on social media and who has best embraced the #onethingfortnight ethos." No idea what the prize is but if you needed any incentive to get involved there is one there!

For more information you can check out fooddrinkfort.scot

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