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21 June 2017

When Lynsey Instagram-ed (it always starts with an Instagram now, doesn't it?) a burger she had at Steak, Cattle and Roll I had instant meal envy. Like I needed to be where she was at that very minute and prise that burger from her hands. I feel I should probably write her cold, dead hands, because I do believe we would have had to have had some kind of fight to the death over said burger because if it had been mine and she turned up to steal it, there'd have certainly been a fight. Anyway, this is going off on a tangent and I think you've probably got the point that Lynsey Instagram-ed (is it Instagram-ed, Instagrammed, Instagram-med or instagrammed, what do we think is the proper English?) an amazing looking burger and, being who I am and not being okay with not having a burger like that in my life, I demanded we went ASAP. Luckily the burger had tasted as good as it looked and I didn't exactly have to beat her into submission to agree. (Gosh, this has been a very violent opening to a restaurant review... Ahem!)

One of the things that had grabbed my attention (other than the burger) was that Lynsey had visited with our friend Nikki, who is actually vegan and, given the name of the restaurant, that really surprised me; but it turns out Steak, Cattle & Roll actually have amazing vegetarian and vegan options on their menu. It's not just your standard one veggie burger option - they've got dairy free desserts and 'milk' shakes - both alcoholic and non alcoholic - as well as sides like onion rings coming with two options - the veggie version and the vegan version. Though I'm a carnivore and it doesn't affect me that much, I love finding places with menus big enough to cater to groups of my friends at a time and not feel like 'oh we're going to a vegan place' or 'oh we're going somewhere where the veggie/vegan we're with only has one option'. You can see the full food menu here and the drinks and desserts menu here. Glasgow has been rated the number one vegan friendly city in the UK as there are a plethora of restaurants available to cater to the veggies and vegans amongst us, but it was really nice to be somewhere were no one felt they were compromising. 

With this in mind we scheduled our visit to Steak, Cattle and Roll to be a pre-theatre trip with our friend Lauren, who is vegetarian. This was her burger:

Yep, that was the veggie option. I'm quite used to Lauren's veggie burgers coming looking a lot smaller and flatter so I was instantly impressed by the thickness of the burger. She was intrigued by the vegan chicken burger, so we'll need to go back and investigate that some other time, but for our first trip she opted for The V Burger, and it got a huge thumbs up! Also in this picture you can see her basket of fries and, believe me, the picture is not doing the size justice. The sides were absolutely huge and we made the mistake of all ordering our own chips - we should have definitely shared! Lauren opted for the sweet potato fries as you can see from the picture, but I tested out the regular chips and omg guys they were amazing! 

I don't like to review places based on one trip so I went to the Merchant City branch of Steak, Cattle and Roll (my original visit, and the one during which I had the meal I'm showing you just now was to the Sauchiehall Street branch) over the weekend and had the lunch menu, but I asked for the skinny fries to be swapped for the normal ones because they were so good. 

Despite the extreme cheapness of the lunch menu (£8.00 on a Saturday between 12noon and 4pm for a burger, chips, 2 chicken wings, coleslaw and corn on the cob, if you'd care to know - I have no idea how they're making any money whatsoever!) if they weren't going to be able to accommodate that swap I was happily going to pay the full whack to order off the main menu to get those fries. I say the full whack - even the regular menu is cheap. An average burger is  £8 - £10, the chips on the side are £3.00 (and you can definitely split one lot of chips between 2 people) and a pint sized soft drink is £2.50. And the portions are huge. But yeah, the chips are so, so good. You need to promise me you'll go and order them ASAP!

Lynsey opted for a wrap - choosing the Cheesy Steak wrap, which is home-made Mac & Cheese and pulled beef brisket in a wrap. This was her third visit and it was the second time she'd ordered this - so I'll just presume it comes highly recommended from her! 

Then it was my turn, and I opted for the Dakota burger. This is described on the menu as ' Honey batter fried chicken breast topped with cheese & smoked bacon, smothered in honey butter.' That sounds amazing, right? Think about how amazing that sounds and then multiply it by at least ten, and you're a bit closer to knowing how good this burger was. It was huge though, and it totally defeated me. I counted six full rashers of bacon on the burger. Six! The chicken breast that was used was full and tender and they didn't skimp on the cheese either. How they sell this for a measly £8.00 I have no idea, but long may they continue! 

Being the fools that we are as well as our individual baskets of fries that we order, we also decided to try the onion rings. I say we. This was really my mistake, because I can't resist onion rings whenever I see them on a menu. But they're frequently the item I'm most disappointed by. As much as I left more of these on that stack than I would have liked to, it was not because they were disappointing in any way , in fact these were amazing. They were crisp and crunchy, there was a good ratio of batter to onion (for me it should be like 75% batter, 25% onion, just for reference of what I call 'good ratio') and I would order them again in a heartbeat. I'd just also be sharing the fries and not have a full basket of fries to contend with as well as the onion rings. We left so much food untouched it actually makes me a bit sad to think about! If we hadn't been going to the theatre afterwards I would have probably asked for it to be boxed for me to take away - and I never ask for that. That's a serious indicator of how ridiculously good this place was. 

Now... despite the fact I didn't finish my burger, my fries or indeed the onion rings, I had to find room for Raspberry, Ripple & Roll 'Fancy Schmanzy' milkshake I'd read on the menu the day I saw the SC&R appear on Lynsey's Insta. It wasn't an option to leave there without it. And I may have had to unbutton my jeans to sit through the play, but I have absolutely no regrets.

This was so, so good. It was super sweet - vanilla and raspberry ice cream with raspberry sauce made up the milkshake part, it was topped with a mountain of whipped cream and pink edible glitter and then a Swiss roll to, literally, top it off. This was The Dream. I was totally stuck between this and the Biscoff which is vanilla ice cream, cookie spread and banana chips so when I visited the Merchant City branch I made my friend Declan order the Raspberry, Ripple & Roll whilst I opted for the Biscoff. I'd definitely order both of them again, but if you're only going to visit once on a trip to Glasgow or something and you have a sweet tooth the Raspberry, Ripple & Roll takes it for me. 

Slightly confusingly the Merchant City branch delivered Declan's RR&R without the Swiss roll and instead served it with raspberries, which wasn't a problem but it did rather detract from the 'roll' part of the name. Had I not been at the Sauchiehall Street branch previously though we would never have known anything was amiss because there's definitely more than enough in the milkshake itself without the actual Swiss roll; just something to bear in mind though if that Swiss roll is really closing the deal for you! 

As for the non milkshake desserts - when we visited with Lauren she opted for the cheesecake, which you can see below. It was a huge slab of cheesecake, served with both ice cream and whipped cream. SC&R really don't do anything by halves!

She said she was really happy with her choice and on my second visit my friend Kim went for the Knickerbocker Glory and her girlfriend Lucy opted for the Brownie. They both pretty much disappeared before my eyes so I'm going to take a guess and say that they would both recommend their choices - Lucy wasn't going to order a dessert until the person at the next table got the Brownie and then she had to give in! I don't think she regretted her choice...

In case you can't tell, I would 100% recommend Steak, Cattle and Roll as an amazing restaurant to visit if you're in Glasgow, and with a really wide menu to suit all tastes. Just make sure you go hungry, because you're going to want to roll home!

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