Benefit Cheek Parade

12 June 2017

When I started to see the press chatting about Benefit's new Hoola Lite bronzer and Dandelion Twinkle highlighters that were launching my interested was totally piqued.

I owned the original Hoola. I mean, we all did. But it just never looked as good on me as it did on other people... I persevered for ages and finally accepted that I am a pale person and bronze isn't for me.

Until now.

But Benefit, being the teases that they are, didn't just launch Hoola Lite (on a side note, I keep spelling it light and having to go back and change it!) into the collection and be done. Nope, they did a sneaky preview of it in a limited edition palette, but included in that palette was Galifornia Blush which was another new launch. Add into that another 2 full sized blush colours - Dandelion and Rockateur - as well as the original Hoola for £49.50 vs the £122.50 it would cost individually (or the £98 it would have cost me to buy the 4 I didn't already have...) and I was sold.

Hoola Lite is exactly what I wanted it to be - it warms up my face without looking like 'bronzer', or at least the bronzers of the past that just made my face look like it needed a good scrub. This doesn't make my skin look muddy or dirty and you can see it's a significant difference from the original Hoola Bronzer - they're swatched side by side in the last photo. So many brands release multiple bronzers now and they seem to be more focused on different undertones, which is important, but without bringing out different intensities in pigment and shade. Also, it's matte. I can't understand any concept of non matte bronzer, the less said on that the better.

Next to the two bronzers we have the swatch of the Galifornia blush. This is a super bright pink, and when you first open it it has a gold overlay sprayed on it. This does go within a use or two, but don't be fooled by the fact it goes because this isn't a matte blush. Although the gold speck doesn't run through and it's certainly not glittery it is very luminous - you can see that anyway by looking at the matte-ness of the Hoola swatches next to it. It imparts a lot of light and radiance onto the face, and it is pigmented but applied with the right brush and a light hand it's nothing to be scared of.

The swatch next to Galifornia is Rockateur, which is even more luminous and light reflective than Galifornia. I wore this a lot in Florida as I feel like this, combined with the Hoola Light, gives a gorgeous bronzed look to pale skin. Of all the products in the palette I found this lasted the least amount of time, but I would still say I got a good six hours out of it before feeling like I needed something more on my cheeks, with everything else fading slightly but ultimately hanging around until I removed my make up - and we're talking about a 15 hour day in Florida (don't underestimate those of us who say you need a holiday to recover after a Disney holiday btw, you're up at 6.30/7, out the room at 8 and frequently not home till nearly midnight!) so the longevity is impressive on everything except this one.

Lastly we have Dandelion, which I use as a blush but which can be used as an all over face powder to perk up the complexion if you're not as deathly pale as me! I had a travel size of Dandelion (£12.50) so I'm really glad to be upgrading to the full sized. I do tend to prefer a bit of an Aunt Sally look to my blush - I'm very much in danger of being mistaken for a clown an awful lot of the time - but for no make up days, or days when I'm going heavier on the eyes and lips and just want something on my cheeks to make me look alive Dandelion is the subtle pop of life I need.

As I said, this palette is fantastic value for money at £49.50 and is available here; but Benefit have now launched Hoola Lite on it's own so you can buy each of the powders individually if only one of them takes your fancy: Hoola, Hoola Lite, Galifornia, Rockateur, Dandelion, all £24.50 each.

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