Kiehls x MTV Staying Alive 2016

2 December 2016

A few weeks ago I attended a Blogger Brunch at Kiehl's Glasgow Buchanan Street, to learn more about the history of the company and Kiehl's Gives - which is exactly what it sounds like. Kiehls Gives is the part of the company that relates to Kiehl's three philanthropic pillars - Children, Environment and HIV & AIDs.

Unlike other companies who do one charity campaign a year Kiehl's is constantly organising events and holding initiatives to raise funds for various charities - and each store is expected to contribute something to the community around that store.

For Kiehl's Glasgow they're doing some fantastic work for the Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity - they recently held a fundraising night in store which I attended, and raised over £1000. If you follow KiehlsUK on Instagram you might have seen me doing Official Blogger Duties a few weeks ago on their Instagram Stories by updating everyone about a Dog Jog that the Kiehl's Cuddly Coat Team were taking part in. You can find out more info about that and donate on the JustGiving page for that one here.

But the main point of the brunch was to inform us all about the company wide philanthropic collaboration that Kiehl's UK currently have going on with the MTV Staying Alive charity.

Last year the charity collaboration was faced by Tinie Tempah, and this year he's been replaced by Laura Mvula, who designed the top of the pot of the Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream.

Having a woman front the campaign, and arguable the pink and purple shades chosen by Laura for her design, reflect the focus of this year's campaign - this year the money raised from the Kiehl's X MTV Staying Alive collaboration will go to helping three groups which are on the ground in Africa to help women suffering from HIV and AIDS.

It may seem strange to associate women with HIV and AIDS - but did you know that two thirds (66.666%) of new infections in adolescents occur in girls, and in Africa that rises to 71%. Let me just repeat that - 71% of new infections in Africa are in teenage girls. That's an insane fact I can't get my head around.

And speaking of adolescents - did you know globally that HIV is the second largest cause of death amongst adolescents? And again in Africa that figure rises - it becomes the number 1 cause of death. The number 1.

So how can you support the work the MTV Staying Alive funded groups are doing? Well, there's multiple options - you can donate on the Just Giving page here or you can text from your phone 'Kieh98 £5' to 70070 and donate £5 that will get added on to your phone bill (or come off of your credit if you're on Pay As You Go!)

Or, you can pick up one of the limited edition tubs of the Ultra Facial Cream that we mentioned above.

These retail for £43.50 - £10 of which goes to the charity (a massive increase on last year's Tinie Tempah collaboration which donated £2 of the price to the charity!)

And the great thing is that Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream isn't a rubbish product that they're just trying to get you to buy for the charity collaboration - it's actually one of their best selling formulations, and it's suitable for everyone.

Ultra Facial Cream is a straight froward moisturiser, no anti-aging, no brightening, no even-ing, just pure hydration for 24 hours. And sometimes that's all you need. I actually mentioned this earlier this year in my January Favourites - because I loved the last tub I had so much (you can see in the picture above that it's been totally scraped out.)

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream has Antarcticine in it - a glycoprotein that helps to protect the skin in very cold weather and Imperata Cylindrica - a plant that thrives in the dessert to keep the skin hydrated even in the driest, harshest of temperatures. The formula was 'adventure tested' by a team who were ascending the peaks of Greenland in 2005 and I figure if it can keep their skin happy in Greenland it'll manage mine in the Scottish winter!

You can pick the Ultra Facial Cream up in store throughout the month of December (it relaunched yesterday, to coincide with 1st December being World AID's Day) or online. A great skincare product, that gives something back as well - it's win win!

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