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2 July 2016

When House of Fraser got in touch and offered to send me one of their beautiful dresses I opted for the above dress - but in red. And I planned a whole feature about dressing in a Me Before You moment, or maybe something to do with channeling Emilia Clarke at a summer wedding.  And then it arrived and there had been a bit of a mix up and I got the cream version instead and, Emilia Clarke or not, I don't think any bride would massively appreciate you turning up in this dress.

However, it is still a particularly special dress - so let's hope you all know someone who's holding a Christening or some form of semi formal garden party this summer. Luckily, I do have a few summer parties coming up at which the host won't fall out with me for wearing cream!

For those of us with bigger chests I find the cut of this dress really flattering - it's a deep, flattering v-neck, but it's not cut so low that you can't wear a proper bra underneath. There's absolutely nothing worse than spending the whole day hauling at your dress to make sure you're decent, especially if it is a special event!

For those of you who are slightly on the shorter side like myself you might want to leave a bit of time for alteration - there's one of those fabric join lines right across the waist so you need to keep the waist on the dress on your actual dress, and one under the bust line, so you can't even pull it up or you'll throw that line off - hence there's a little bit of creasing around my waist where there's some spare fabric. For the absolute steal of a price at £34.99 though, you can definitely justify spending a little bit more on the alterations. For those of you who are of average height - well you're not going to have a problem!

The brand of this dress is Jolie Moi and you can see HoF's selection of their dresses here. There are a few more absolutely beautiful choices amongst them - I want both this one and this one before the summer is out, as I;m so impressed with the quality of this particular one. Although this one is more of a special dress the other two I've picked out are definitely more day time appropriate and I'm sure I'd end up wearing them all summer - so there's clear justification for buying them both!

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  1. This is so so pretty. I love the colour and it looks amazing on you xx
    Love Stephanie Dreams

  2. Hey your dress is just beautiful. I got great idea for my wedding dress from your blog. Well Now I am going to try such a beautiful dress for my wedding at chicago wedding venues. I am sure that will look perfect on me. Any suggestions for my wedding day?

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  4. hey rosekeats, This dress is really beautiful. I love the look & it looks Perfect on you. You also really pretty.
    Love Alleskonner <3
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