Autumn Is Coming.

22 July 2016

Autumn is coming, everyone. No need to panic, it's not quite winter yet - and although our Scottish winters are pretty tough we thankfully don't have any white walkers, at least, not as far down as Glasgow anyway. There might be some more seriously frostbitten folk up in the Highlands and Islands though... I digress!

But yes, in all seriousness, Autumn is coming and I bloody love Autumn. It's by far my favourite season and this coming Autumn is set to be the best one yet - because I am finally going to see Central Park in the fall. Yep, in case you don't follow me on twitter (and why ever not, get it sorted, ASAP!) Lynsey and I have booked a return trip. Yes, we were only there in February and yes,  financially this is all probably a terrible idea - but it's New York, a city where a part of my heart permanently resides and when the opportunities come up I'm all for taking them.

So the first thing to address is that I'll need a coat of some kind. We're heading over at the end of October but by then Winter will be in full swing in Scotland, so I need to make the provisions of the coat now - because apparently October in New York is 'light trench coat' weather. As if I needed another reason to be jealous of everyone who gets to live there permanently.

The first coat is from ASOS and it's so cool. Cool being the perfect word to describe it. I'm fairly sure it's a little bit too cool for me - it's got that relaxed and laid back vibe whilst still being all 'I'm not scruffy' and I love it a lot. Being 5'1 and a bit, and not exactly thin I'm not sure this will flatter me much, but I just think it's so gorgeous. Team it with this choker and some boho waves and it's just totally supermodel material.

Next to that we have the ASOS Trench Coat - I'm always saying a Burberry trench coat is well worth the investment, and I frequently steal my grandmother's one, but I can never bring myself to spend the money on my own version because the high street just does such good ones! This looks like the perfect Autumn city trench coat - it's not too long, not too bulky, it's the sort of colour that goes over any outfit... New York or not, this needs to be in my wardrobe.

The third coat is from Ted Baker and it's the green version of the navy coat I bought last year - which I incidentally took to New York when we went in February. More than any of the other 3 featured here this one is a proper coat, it will keep you warm and I already know I find the shape and fit flattering, plus I feel like with my hair now totally ginger green is always a good way to go. It might seem ridiculous to buy the same coat twice but I know how good my blue one still looks after two winters' worth of use, so the quality is there and I know I'll wear it loads.

Like the first one the last coat, the Green Oversized One is pretty cool. I tried this on in Zara the other day and I feel like I love it, but I'm not sure it does me many favours. I'm smaller at the top and suit things that are nipped in at the wait - which this totally isn't and it adds loads of volume to my top half, but I still really like it. You know when something isn't for you but you just want it anyway? That. And sometimes I just think life is too short to worry about making sure everything you wear flatters or suits you...

Moving on from coats we have this ASOS Maxi Dress which I think is totally beautiful. I feel like this would work really well for a day in New York with flat shoes and a leather jacket thrown over the top for wandering about during the day, then take off the jacket and make it really pretty for an evening at the theatre or something. Admittedly that also means packing a leather jacket in addition to whatever coat I end up buying to take and obviously there needs to be room in the case for the shopping I will undoubtedly do (see my New York Haul, Sephora Haul & Drugstore Beauty Haul from the last trip for reference when I went with no intentions to really bother shopping too much!) so a capsule wardrobe is really the way forward. But I might manage to sneak it in!

Underneath the dress we have this beautiful bee-buckle Gucci Belt, which is kind of badly placed in this collage because I feel like it would really match the denim Ralph Lauren Dress at the end. Gucci isn't a brand I usually gravitate towards as I think a lot of their stuff can be, dare I say it, slightly tacky, but I just love this little belt. I'm not usually one for logos but I think the belt is a small enough accessory that it's not overload but the buckle design is so pretty and the red and green colour combo mean it will match 90% of my wardrobe. But especially the dress, which I think is the ultimate denim day dress. Perfect for a day of downtown wandering...

The item that looks a bit like a dress is actually a Top and Skirt combo, which I think is so pretty. Again I saw this in store, but they only had XS and S in, neither of which will go too far on my frame, so I didn't get to try it on but I will be keeping an eye out for it getting restocked. I don't know why they've featured this on the model with the top stuck out and I think it will look so much prettier with the top tucked into the skirt's waist band. It gives a really cute vintage vibe and I think it would match the White Shoes underneath perfectly to finish off the vintage look - just add some red lipstick and flicked liner. I'm actually headed to London in just over a week and I feel like I might buy this outfit and give it a test run down there to make sure it's all good for a day of pavement pounding, but I'm pretty sure it will be!

Lastly we have these Two Tone Shoes - I feel like these don't look like much on the website picture but they are so beautiful in real life. Again I saw these in store the other day and I might have already placed an online order for them in the correct size! They're so elegant and such lovely soft leather - they're very Chanel inspired and I usually think anything that's clearly 'inspired' but not 'actually' by the original brand looks a bit cheap, but these really do just look beautiful in real life - so I highly encourage a wander to your local store to check them out. And they're flat which, combined with the super soft leather, means they'll be totally comfortable for a day of strolling around the Natural History Museum, wandering across Central Park and coming out on the East side for ice cream at Serendipity. Not that I've already got a total itinerary planned in my head or anything...

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  1. I love all the shades of green! Such a beautiful colour on you. I really want to get a trench for fall too, but I'm thinking a mid-thigh version (been looking at one from Zara). I'll definetly be getting a Burberry trench some day, I have one in wool that I got half off a few years ago and I love it to death!

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