MAC Whirl, Illamasqua Buff & The Over Drawing Of My Lips.

19 June 2016

 MAC Whirl Lip Pencil | Illamasqua Buff Lipstick* (c/o The St Enoch Centre 
& People Make Glasgow)

MAC Whirl, Illamasqua Buff & The Over Drawing Of My Lips. Now doesn't that sound like the title of an epic tale. Or in this case, perhaps an epic fail...

Glasgow recently held their Style Festival, a shopping festival hosted by People Make Glasgow and featuring a line up of some pretty fine retailers. The St Enoch Centre got on board and in my goodie bag I was given a gift card from them, some of which I spent on a new lipstick - namely this Illamasqua one. 

The whole point of the style festival was to celebrate style, to celebrate fashion and to try something new, to change up your look. For me I took the challenge to beauty.

I'd never have normally picked up this colour. As I'm sure you guys are perfectly aware nudes aren't my thing - I tend not to suit them. So it's just as well that gift card and the idea of guilt free spending to push me out of my comfort zone came along because I actually happen to love this particular nude. Illamasqua describe it as a fudge brown, and that's fairly accurate. Not a pale sickly, nude - this is a brown nude with a serious 90s punch. It's also, as it so happens, a pretty perfect pairing for MAC Whirl lip pencil.

Now, let's not pretend we don't all know who and what was the catalyst behind the MAC Whirl/Soar/Velvet Teddy rush - a certain Miss Kylie Jenner and those blatantly-lip-fillers-that-she-tried-to-claim-was-just-her-overdrawing-her-lips-with-pencil. 

So there I was, lip pencil and lipstick in hand, happily dancing along together and it occurred to me that perhaps, since the discovery of this particular nude had been such a happy story, I should push myself even more out of my comfort zone and try the whole Kylie Jenner over drawn lips thing.

This, my friends, is where it all went disastrously wrong.

I don't know what I did. Or what I didn't do. Or generally where I mucked up and made it all go wrong, but it did. It very much did. 

This is a lip pencil people use all the time to over draw their lips. And I just don't know how. 

I've seen those YouTubers with their overdrawn lips, so casually done because it's taken as standard now that everyone who does make up does the over drawing thing. I mean, Charlotte Tilbury's lip liners are specifically called Lip Cheat so that you can use them to cheat the size of your lips. This is currently The Done Thing in the beauty world. And on most people it looks totally fine. Believable. Like you can't really tell what's liner and what's not. Sometimes it actually looks quite nice...

So I went ahead and I over drew. And I could see EXACTLY where my lips stopped and the liner started. There was absolutely no hiding it, it was SO obvious! My bottom lip wasn't quite as obvious - maybe because I just slightly over drew at the sides and there is some natural shadow caused by the general shape and jut of my lips so maybe the lines just blended into my lips better because of that or something - but the top lip. Guys. The top lip. I can't even discuss it. Just look at the pictures...

It's like my real top lip decided to be more present that its ever been in its life. It's like because I decided to over draw it and tell it where it was falling short it decided to be all 'Oh really?! Well, I'll show you! I'll not be hidden!' I think I hurt it's feelings and it took its revenge, there was no hiding it, there was no way the over drawn shape was believable - not because I overdrew to the point that literally no one's lips are ever that size or anything, but because my top lip suddenly decided to show up to the party.

The ironic thing is - if you compare the two photos above - it's actually more obvious from a distance than it is close up! Doesn't that break every make up rule in the history of make up rules?!

I felt like a clown.

And, being the determined, totally professional beauty blogger I am, I forced myself to go out of the house like this. My boyfriend assured me it wasn't obvious, but I couldn't get over it. Every time I caught my reflection anywhere I stared at my lips, focussing and blurring my eyes to try and make them seem acceptable. I was so paranoid that I was sure everyone who passed me was thinking 'Oh my word, look at that girl's ridiculous lip pencil, does she think we actually believe those are her lips?!' I mean, I realise that actually absolutely no one in the city probably took any notice whatsoever of my lips. but I couldn't shake the feeling that something on my face was very, very wrong.

So in conclusion, I'm afraid to say the Kylie Jenner inspired over drawn lips aren't for me. Maybe it's to do with the texture of my skin and my lips, but even with pencil over one of those things is not like the other. Not for me anyway.

What is for me though is this lip combination - nude, 90s and right up my street. But next time I'll just be keeping it to my actual lips.

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  2. I don't think your lips look as clownish as you feel they were- but I agree, the overdrawn lips trend really isn't one I can get on board with! That colour combo is beautiful on you, though! :)

  3. When I first saw the top photo it didn't even cross my mind that you had overdrawn, I thought you looked beautiful as always. You've inspired me to overdraw when I go out this weekend, I haven't done it in ages! I love plump lips, I'll probably just get lip injections when I'm done breastfeeding.

    I think you should try it again, but not overdraw as much. When I do it, I never overdraw my cupids bow, just from the tops of that makes sense, and I always start by just doing it right outside my natural lips. Also, I think the matter the lipstick the less noticable it will be.


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