The Wonder Product From Kiehl's.

26 May 2016

I know the title of this post is a bit vague, because nearly every product I've tried from Kiehl's thus far could be termed a 'wonder product', but this one really is something particularly special. The Centella Recovery Skin Salve comes from the same range as the cleanser I mentioned back in this post, which also has the centella (which my autocorrect is insisting is cantle btw, so if at any point in this post it says 'cantle recovery skin salve' or something or that ilk, that's why!) ingredient. 

Centella, for those of you who don't know, is a plant that is native to Asia and as an ingredient it has long been used in traditional medicines in various cultures - especially for treating psoriasis and eczema. A slightly more interesting fact is that it's a plant tigers often rub up against in the wild if to help themselves heal from wounds - so as well as having human medicine approval it also has tiger approval, which I personally think is better... #kiddingbutnotreally


So in that post where I mentioned the cleanser I said I'd been in for a facial at Kiehl's, and it was during that facial (way back in January) that I was first introduced to this product.  The reason I was introduced to it was because when I'd been styling my hair for this post (using the Enrapture Jumbo Hair Waver) I had managed to give myself a massive burn right across the side of my neck with the waver and when I was getting my facial Fay had used this and said it was great for any kind of skin repair. 

Although the website lists this as being a kind of intensive moisturiser - and it is - and specifically recommends it for sensitive skin following use of the Micro-Dermabrasion treatment, the inclusion of that centella and the repair aspect of that makes this so much more than just a moisturiser - it soothes, calms and re-texturises the skin.

I imagine by now you're all like 'yeah so you had a burn on your neck back in January and this cleared it up why are you telling us about all of this now?'

Well, the thing was that back in January I didn't take before and after photos of my neck to show you the burn and at £40.00 this is a pretty expensive product to commit to, so I don't personally think telling you something is a miracle worker is good enough without the evidence to back that up. And now I have evidence.

Did I burn myself again? Nope. Well, not with a jumbo waving hairstyler anyway. No, this time my sensitive skin took a reaction. I'm used to having sensitive skin (and I bang on about it all the time so I'm sure you guys are well aware of it) and I'm used to having to be super careful with my products. I've gotten to a point now where I can look at the ingredients lists and be able to make a good guess at whether something is suitable for me or not (and I'm usually right 99% of the time). But this time my skin didn't react to a beauty product. Nope. Nothing that normal. This time my skin decided to take a massive allergic reaction to the lace trimming on a new bra. Yep. I know. The lace trim on my bra sent my skin into meltdown. I can't even deal.

Anyway,  the silver lining in the fact the trimming on my bra caused a massive, pus spot filled rash on my skin gave me the chance I wanted to take pictures to demonstrate how this product performs. So, in all their glory here some comparison photos:

So the first photo in each set (just for the sake of showing how the reaction was on two different areas - my side and my back) is Day 1 - the way my skin looked after wearing the bra for approximately 4 hours. Yep. 4 hours. Wore it to go out for lunch and a wander round the shops with Scott and could tell something was definitely up. Cut our trip short because my skin was so hot and itchy, got home, yanked the thing off and stared in horror at the damage.

The second photo in each set is from the next day. I applied the skin salve immediately upon getting home on the first day and again that night before I went to bed, so it was two rounds of applications but only one day for the salve to actually work. As you can see in the photos the visible redness was massively reduced and although it wasn't away entirely it was also a lot more localised - on the first day of the reaction there were massive areas of my skin that had gone totally red even where the spots hadn't come up. The redness after the application of the salve really was reduced right down to just the areas with the spots.

The spots themselves also really cleared up within one day. Although they haven't all just disappeared overnight (sadly - if only it were that easy!) some of them actually did - you can see in the first photo of the second set how the spots were 3 abreast on the first day of the reaction in the middle bit and then the side section of the reaction has it's own set, versus on day 2 when the spots on the 'main' bit of the reaction have been totally reduced and the ones on the side bit have almost all disappeared.

The itchiness and the burn had also totally gone away after one day. To be fair, that might have happened just from stopping wearing the bra as it improved markedly from application 1 to application 2, but upon immediate application of the skin salve I could feel it soothing my skin and taking the burn out of it. There definitely was an immediate cooling of the burning given by this product, even if in the long run the itching and burning may have gone away themselves as soon as the offensive bra was removed.

The last photo in each set is Day 7, so one week after the first application and I applied it once a day in the evening whilst getting ready for bed. You'll have to excuse the really poor photos - because they were focused on my back and my side I couldn't take them myself and had to get my gran to take them for me (Scott took the first two sets - that's how I know he's a keeper, not only did he not run a mile at this all being round my boob area, he photographed it for me on demand!) But although the photos are totally blurry you can kind of still see how much the redness had gone down and ALL the spots had disappeared by then. I feel like if I hadn't had to wear a bra every day after the reaction, which was then obviously rubbing and causing friction in the area that was already red, the redness would probably also have completely disappeared.

So in seven days it went from photo 1 to photo 3 - a massive, massive improvement.

So it takes down spots, redness, allergic reactions, burns and it's good to soothe the skin post microdermabrasion. Pretty brilliant, huh? But, surprise - I'm not finished.

I only have two comparison photos of this because I didn't think to take photos on day 1 - but I wore a pair of lace up heels on a night out and laced them a bit too tight. Obviously they rubbed all night but let's just say alcohol dulled my senses and I didn't particularly notice anything other than my foot being really itchy. Next morning there's blood all over my bed sheets and my entire foot is bright red (I presume I had been scratching in my sleep). Yeah. It wasn't a pretty sight.

The blister was originally the entire length of the red mark you can see quite clearly in the top photo and it wasn't until maybe a few days after I'd got it that I thought I'd apply the skin salve on the off chance it might help (I wasn't going to hold it against it if it didn't - it wasn't designed for blisters after all!). Within a day the blister reduced from being the entire length of the red mark to just the open bits you can see in the top photo (yeah, I'm kicking myself for not getting a photo on day 1 as well!) and the redness was still spread around the blister area, as you can kind of see in the photo, but it was no longer going from my toes right up to my ankle (I don't think the coating on the laces of the shoes agreed with my skin either!)

The second picture was taken a week after the first one and you can see how the main mark has really reduced as well as the redness having completely disappeared. There's still a mark where the main bit of the foot had blistered, but it is totally closed over and I think it's just going to take time to heal itself.

Again I just think the difference this product has made speaks for itself - it reduced the inflammation and definitely helped the blistered skin repair itself a lot quicker! I'm just genuinely gutted I didn't get a photo of the original blister in all it's glory!

So in conclusion I owe a lot to this product and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone with sensitive, inflamed skin. The photos really do speak for themselves, so I don't feel I need to say much more but if your skin is ever in dire peril this is the wonder product to go for.

(In slightly less of a 'dire peril' situation this is also supposed to be good post shave for anyone who shaves and finds they get irritated afterwards - men and women alike. I haven't personally used it for that, but if we can consider the difference it's made for me to a burn, a blister and a bundle of pus filled spots I'm fairly sure it can handle a bit of razor burn!)

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