Prezzo, Glasgow

1 May 2016

You could be forgiven for thinking, from looking at the pictures above, that I'm about to tell you all about one of the restaurants we ate at in New York - the decor is insanely cool and the whole thing seems just so NY, but luckily this little gem is part of a UK chain that I'm pretty sure you can find in any city - Prezzo. (Though, let's be honest, the Glasgow branch really is very pretty.)

When they got in touch and asked me down to try out their new, revamped menu I wen along not expecting all that much - they are an Italian chain restaurant, arguable the most common type of restaurant on the high street. Nevertheless, Italian food is pretty much my favourite, so I grabbed Scott and we headed down.

They were straight away in Scott's good books for having Sanpellegrino on the menu for him to drink whilst he perused the menu - I had diet coke because of course I did. They were in my good books as well though for sitting us at the front near the windows - light flooded in and even as the evening wore on I loved being able to watch the world go by out of the huge windows. The bigger the windows in a place the better in my opinion.

I could have ordered almost every starter on the menu but I finally settled on a classic - bruschetta.

We all know what bruschetta looks like - a bit of crusty white bread with some oil and garlic and tomatoes - a pretty brilliant, if simple combination. But this bruschetta took it all one step further.

Instead of the crusty white bread I had an almost pizza like base to my bruschetta and as well as all the usual toppings Prezzo have added on pesto to the list. It was a straight up 10/10. Dishes that are simple are often the easiest to make, but also the easiest to make forgettable. This bruschetta I am still dreaming about. It was ah-mazing.

Just Look. At. It. My mouth is watering just remembering how good this was.

Scott opted for his usual choice of calamari.

I tasted some of this and I can confirm it was also very good - Scott said he would definitely order it again, but in my opinion, as far as the battle of the appetisers went, I won. There was just something special about that bruschetta.

For main courses we both opted to try our usual favourites - with a twist.

I love the simple flavours in Italian food and a good margherita pizza - cheese and tomato - is one that can't be beaten when done right, in my humble opinion. There is nothing humble however about the Queen Margherita - a margherita pizza split into 3 parts.

I loved the two end thirds - the asparagus, spinach and pesto dressed rocket on the left and the sun blushed and cherry tomatoes on the right, but I still can't make my mind up about the middle! With the burrata mozzarella the cheese on the middle was by far the best, but I can't decide how I felt about the béchamel sauce! It's definitely something different and worth trying but I don't think my mind could reconcile the lasagna associated taste with the pizza... I'd definitely order it again and give it another chance to see if a second round helped with the decision!

 Scott opted for pollo carbonara...

I tried this and I did like it, but I do personally find carbonara sauce just a bit too rich for me - I enjoy it but only in small quantities. Scott however, is a big fan - so much so that he is a bit of a carbonara aficionado and he declared this one the best he's eaten in the UK. The chicken, bacon, cheese and pasta combo is a clear winner in his book and he recommends it to everyone. He would also like me to note the portion size was 'perfect' - enough to be full and not too much to be uncomfortable, a feat that is difficult to achieve with pasta based dishes!

Round 2 therefore, went to Scott.

So on to the decider - round 3 and the dessert.

I went for the Nutella Hazelnut Spread And Banana Mini Calzones because, hello, the name along makes my mouth water... and Scott went for the Salted Caramel Arctic Slice. Despite appearances mine was actually the lighter of the two desserts - there's some considerable eating in that arctic slice, and I think this is a round where individual taste wins out. In this case we were both happy with our own choices - although we tried one anothers' desserts we both thought we'd won really - if you like cake and ice cream desserts Scott's is for you, if you like nutella and banana and dough then mine is the winner... The choice is yours!

By this point we were absolutely stuffed... but there was one thing on the menu we couldn't resist. We ordered one to share between us and it was so good that, next time, I may actually order a starter in place of the main course (I really, really, really love starters!) so that I have room for a full one of these to myself to end the meal...

A Nutella Hot Chocolate. Yes. Nutella. Hot. Chocolate. Rich and creamy and oh-so-good without being sickly and overwhelming. A hard, thin line to tread and this baby is a triumph. If everything else had been a disaster (which it wasn't!) I would be going back purely for this! I'm usually not into hot chocolate, I do only ever order it if it's a 'special' hot chocolate that's on the menu - I'm not in it for the watery 'cocoa powder' based stuff, but this one really was superb. If you try one thing from this post, make it this hot chocolate.

And the bruschetta.

Hot chocolate + bruschetta is a good lunch choice, right?!

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