Mariott Leisure Club, Glasgow.

18 April 2016

Monday. The start of a new week, which promises endless possibilities. Many people hate Mondays but in my life of constant mistakes (and I'm sure those of you who follow me on twitter will know that on Friday I made a few mistakes which included but are not limited to - consuming dangerous cocktails, consuming too many dangerous cocktails and then going to a nightclub I knew fine well I didn't want to go to because I am a boring old middle aged woman in a twenty something year old's body but which I was basically bullied into going to by my actually are young twenty something friends in their rightful twenty something bodies) I see Mondays as being filled with promise - a fresh start. A mini new year. A time for resolution and the tantalising thought that maybe, just maybe this week can be more like the life of my favourite lifestyle bloggers who rise at 6am, go for a run, then do an hour of pilates, then have a green juice before managing to make themselves look absolutely picture perfect in approximately half an hour then go on to tackle all their emails before making a quinoa based lunch, doing some more work, then probably fitting in another bout of exercise before making a wonderfully tasty yet also nutritionally balanced dinner. 

Lol. So my life is way too busy and I am always at least a few days behind on my to-do list for that to ever be my reality but I can make some better choices and kick off Mondays with a newly-born devotion to the gym. Which has usually died by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest, but I live in hope of it returning every Monday.

Last Monday I actually took my gym-ing up a notch and visited the gym at the Mariott Hotel in Glasgow. Very swanky of me.

I will say that if you're not a fan of the gym the first thing I'd say is sign up to a gym you like going to - turning up at the local sports centre which has been desperately in need of a bit of paint since approximately ten years ago does not life the mood. When you turn up at the door of a nice gym or hotel it definitely makes the prospect of entering and spending time there a whole lot more bearable.

I headed down to the gym area and into the changing rooms - which were quite quiet at 10am on a Monday morning so I snapped a few pictures.

The changing rooms come with nice big wooden lockers, which have hanging space as well as enough space to put your bags and shoes in the bottom - nothing worse than cramming all your stuff into the locker then having to put on your crumpled clothing after you've just exhausted yourself sweating bucket loads.

Changed and ready for action I proceeded up to the gym...

I got a quick tour but the machines used were the same ones as at my local gym so I didn't need too much of an introduction and was ready to hop on.

Now, before you think I'm misleading you all - these are photos from the PR, the gym was quiet enough I got on all the machines I wanted when I wanted, but it wasn't that quiet!

I started with a cardio session - using the treadmill for half an hour to do my couch to 5K program then heading on to the cross trainer. There are quite a few people who will make comments about people who go to the gym just to do cardio ("Don't you know you can just run outside?") but I definitely don't feel comfortable running outside, so I will always do my cardio in the gym.

One of the aspects I really liked about the treadmill was that you can put it on to 'trail view', where you get views of different national parks etc on the screen when you're running, which doesn't quite take your mind off of the agony in your lungs and legs when you're running (No? Just me? No one else quite that unfit then?) but it definitely helps - there's something serene about waterfalls and mountains and deer and pretending that's totally where you're running.

After the cardio I headed over to the weights section and did a few exercises from the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred repertoire before finishing down on the mat with a few sit ups and a 60 second plank - which I basically died during.

The thing I find about going to a slightly more upmarket gym is that the people who pay to go to a more upmarket gym actually care about their fitness journey and everyone is really too busy concentrating themselves to care about what anyone else is doing. You never feel like anyone is staring at you or judging you and it all makes for a really comfortable and inspiring atmosphere to work out in - even when you're as unfit as me.

After the gym I went back downstairs and headed into the pool, rounding out my workout with a few lengths and then sitting in the steam room for a while after, before jumping into the shower.

After the shower I was able to use the hairdryers provided - which are actually decent quality and did actually manage to dry my hair, much better than those hotel style ones that are often on offer - and if I'd packed my curling tong I could have plugged it in and styled my hair for the walk back through Glasgow to the train. Not only do you get an amazing workout, but you have the facilities to not have to leave the hotel with the evidence that you've just had an amazing workout - other than your confidence and fabulous body, obviously.

For details about the health club at the Mariott check out the website here.

Thank you to the Mariott for inviting me down to check out the gym.

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