Fresh Spring Starts.

20 April 2016

Spring. A fresh, new time of year. Spring cleaning. New stars. Essentially a seasonal version of those Mondays I wrote about in Monday's post.

With all those fresh starts and new beginnings I find spring the perfect time to redecorate and to work. Summer is fun time and Winter is 'don't want to do anything but sit on the sofa, watch films and eat time' but Spring and Autumn always seem in my mind to signify the beginning of a new school term. Despite the fact I haven't been to school in about six years. There's something glowy and rosy about them and I have all kinds of renewed zeal, which I'm sure my agent will be happy to read because she's been waiting on me delivering my new manuscript for about three months now and there's actually a small chance that it may actually be done soon - spring, season of miracles and curer of writers block. (Actually, in case you are reading I promise I'm not blogging as a way of procrastinating from the last bit of the book!)

So when BoConcept got in touch and asked if I'd be interested in doing a spring pieces featuring a few bits from them, I knew immediately that I wanted to revamp my office and get it all freshened up and ready for production.

Like every blogger in the world I like white spaces. I can't stand being cramped in and dark colours close the room up, so my ideal office is pretty much white with massive windows, white wooden floorboards and ceiling spotlights to make sure every bit of the room is flooded with light no matter what the time (nothing worse than when you have a single sad lightbulb in the middle of the room and it doesn't quite reach the corners!)

The central piece is, of course, the desk. That's where the magic happens after all. This one is white but with accents of grey through it, and we all know a totally white room is bare and bland - so I'm going for a mainly white room with accents of grey, along with silver and gold. Metallics like silver and gold are reflective and, again, like with mirrors, it makes the space seem bigger.

This one is my desk of dreams - appropriately called the Copenhagen system this desk has it all - plain work space for the computer, space for the printer, space for displaying pretty objects and lot of storage for all the things I print out because I intend to do something with them at a later date (and inevitably when, three years later, I'm clearing out my desk and come across these papers I can't for the life of me remember what that something was, but the thought was there nonetheless!)

Of course, if that's not enough storage for you there are some lovely shelving systems from BoConcept which can be wall mounted above the desk so they're in easy reach, they're not taking up floor space (again open, clear floor space = room seems bigger!) and, although I've featured them all int he grey colour they all come in a variety of colours - so even if you do prefer darker shades there are options for you.

The first one is the longest, the second stands alone which I think is really cute and the last one is obviously the biggest but I think you could arrange the three together on the wall in a way that would really make a feature out of the mix and match system. If you're not comfortable doing the mix and match thing yourself BoConcept do actually offer a free interior design service so they can do all the hard, mix and match work for you and it doesn't cost you a penny.

So now that my main desk and storage is in place it's time to put a few things on there - and you guys know that Kate Spade is my main go-to for, well, pretty much everything. But they are definitely a stand out for pretty stationery and homeware, so their desk accessories are the clear winner.

Everything about these would look so pretty on top of the desk - the perspex aspect combined with the beautiful gold accents is just too adorable and they're all practical - the pencil cup, the file, the magazine holder and the tray would keep everything neat and organised - and every desk needs a stapler and tape dispenser! Awards for the prettiest desk in all the land may be directed to me, thank you very much!

Also practical are these three purchases -
I don't want to make my office lovely then stain it with tea, so the thermal mug would keep that from happening. There's a lot less chance of me spilling it whilst I'm wandering from the desk to the sofa (or just around the room as I sometimes do!) staring at the printed pages in front of me and figuring out how to cut what I've written down from 30,000 words to 3000 and not paying the blindest bit of attention to the tea in my other hand if it's in a cup with a lid! It also means that, when I pick my tea up after an hour of leaving it lying whilst I've gotten into what I'm working on I won't get such a fright because it won't be quite as stone cold (I am aware it will still only be lukewarm as thermal mugs are not miracle workers!)

The tackle box is amazing - it's got everything in it, clips and folders to keep bundles of paper together (very important for me!), tape, a little notepad, those adorable bow pins and three super cute pencils. Unfortunately for me three pencils is nowhere near enough so I'd have these ones on my desk and then this little pencil box over by the sofa for when I want to leave the desk and read over what I've written in comfort.

Anyway, let's talk about that sofa. Sofas are some of what BoConcept does best and this designer sofa really is just incredibly beautiful.
This is the Monaco sofa, and it is the sofa of dreams. It's on legs so it's up off the floor which, again, say it with me now, creates an illusion of more space. The grey colour isn't too cool that the sofa is uninviting (in fact, it's maybe a little too inviting!) but it's still sleek and light and won't close up the space. The fact the little rest end is included means there's plenty of space to sprawl out and edit - or, if you're putting the sofa in another room, to sprawl out and watch TV.

Although the BoConcept pieces are maybe a little more expensive than IKEA, they do all come with a lifetime guarantee. Like, literally a lifetime. That's how much BoCeoncept are prepared to stand by their products! That speaks volumes to me about the quality of the pieces and the fact they do have that free interior design service I already mentioned means that, if you take advantage of it, the pieces will be displayed in the best potential way - if redecorating doesn't give you the thrill it does me then hand it over to the professionals - for free.

See you at your local store - which for me is the Glasgow branch (obviously!) but you can find your local store here.

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