16 March 2016

If you watched Sunday's video you'll have heard my ramble all about how I'm trying to buy less and only buy things I truly love, as well as buying things that actually fill gaps in my wardrobe and have a functionality element to them (I know, clothing for something other than just to hang in my wardrobe and be looked at for its beauty, who knew?) 

Anyway, as a result, i've been really trying o examine what I need as well as just what I want and i thought I'd share some of my current picks (and their justifications) with you...

First up I've decided I need a black, below the knee pencil skirt in my life - the first one is this suede number from Asos Skirt and the second option is the River Island Faux Leather Skirt - the ASOS one is slightly more expensive but it probably is more forgiving overall, but my pink leather look pencil skirt from River Island (worn here) is one of my favourite pieces in m wardrobe, which makes me slightly biased towards the RI one, as it's very similar but in black.

The yellow skirt is from Zara Skirt is much nicer on than the picture suggests, it's a cute little high waisted number that's actually quite flattering, but the functionality of it being added to my wardrobe would be to match with my green Kate Spade bag (featured here). It's a beautiful bag and I love green, but it's not been as easy to slot into every day wear as I had imagined as I don't own a lot of green in that particular shade, so I am looking at trying to buy more burgundy and yellow items to compliment the shade of green on the bag and give me more options to wear it as it's a shame to have such a beautiful bag languishing at the back of my wardrobe.

As for the last item - the green River Island Skirt? That one had no justification other than that I think it's lovely!

In Sunday's video you'll have heard my grand plans for the white shirt and needing the perfect trousers to go with it - so I'm on the hunt. Whilst searching I came across these Asos Black Trousers, which I love the high waist and the crop of. I'm not sure if they'd strike exactly the right look for matching the shirt, but i do really like them. So much so that I'm also featuring the Rust Coloured Version too on this list. I really have only worn jeans, skirts and dresses for the majority of my life and it's only in the last year or so I've actually been interested in trousers, but I have now discovered them and am loving the slightly smarter look they give than jeans, whilst still being really comfy.

The next pair are from my beloved Kate Spade, and I think these would be perfect for what I'm looking for - they're very flat at the top, there's no pockets, and the cropped length would suit the shoes I plan to wear with the planned ensemble. 

Of course, them being perfect in theory doesn't mean that when they arrive they'll actually fit perfectly and look like I had in my head, so I have yet another back up pair - this time going back to ASOS for these Slim Trousers. I love the slit on the ankle, but these ones do have pockets and I'd really prefer something completely without - but you never know until you've ordered them all and tried them on how they actually come across, so it's worth the risk!

The bottom half is really where I feel I'm needing a few bits, so I don't have as much for the top half, but I'm starting off with this printed Zara shirt. I wear shirts all the time so I know if this was in my wardrobe I would get my use from it and i think the printed collar would look lovely coming out from  under a jumper.

Beneath that we have this yellow Zara Top - again this is along the same lines of logic as the yellow skirt, I think the colour would tone in well with the green bag and I feel now that my hair is properly red it's a colour I can wear more easily. 

Next to the yellow top is this green and white colour block Topshop Jumper - I wear jumpers all the time as well, so would definitely get my use form this, I love the colour green as we all know so that makes em very happy, it would go with my bag that I need to get more use out of and I also love the freshness of the green and the white combo. At £39.00 I feel like it's quite expensive for being a plain jumper, but I know in cost per wear I'd get this thing down to pennies.

Above that we have this beautiful  Kate Spade Jumper. I actually tried this on in New York and loved it, but decided to buy a dress instead. I now have massive remorse over not just buying it at the time (seriously, at what point did I think spending over $500 on a dress was okay but that I just couldn't justify $170 or whatever it was on a jumper?!) and I just basically NEED it in my life. 

Speaking of buyer's remorse this Topshop Jacket came out last year and I didn't buy it when I saw it because I was being sensible (you can see a pattern here - I should just never be sensible!) and then it completely sold out and I never got to buy it. I think a yellow rain coat is just such a classic item, I love the navy and white stripe lining and it has a hood so it's technically a practical choice as well. JUSTIFIED! "*Adds to basket*

Now for accessories...

First up is this gorgeous necklace from River Island Necklace, I think it's so beautiful and (again with the remorse thing!) really reminds me of a necklace from Zara I wanted a few seasons ago and never got round to buying...

Under that we have these black scrappy Topshop Heels Black. I have really wide feet so the strap thing can be hit or miss about whether or not my ridiculous feet will fit into them, but if they do I definitely need these shoes in my life. They're so beautiful and shoes with straps and always a lot easier to walk in! For leg slimming properties they also come in a nude version - if the fit me, I'm having both!

The last pair of shoes on this collage are these super cute monochrome babies. I think these are amazing, and although they're not cheap I think they look so much more expensive than they actually are. The low, block heel and the strap means they'd be really easy to walk in and I just, in conclusion, need them in my wardrobe! 

Above those shoes we have this beautiful red handbag - my Yoshi bag (featured in my last outfit post) has been in my life since October and its easily become my most worn and used bag. It's quite a casual one though, so I'd really like a more formal red bag, which this one is. It would go with so many things and really fill a gap in my wardrobe. I had been after the red Pashli, but after seeing it in the flesh in Bergdorfs I decided it wasn't exactly what I was looking for - this baby might be it instead.

And last we have this classic Zara dress - I would wear this all the time, it's so easy to throw on with no real thought and would always look good. It could be made super casual with flats (or even those low heeled monochrome shoes, see where I'm going with this?) or dressed up with black heels (maybe like those scrappy Topshop numbers? You saw that one coming, didn't you?). I know it's not an accessory, but I didn't really have anywhere else to categorise it as I'm trying to buy less dresses and more pieces that I can mix and match - but this one is just so lovely, I couldn't not include it!

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