Christmas Beauty Wishlist

2 December 2015

With Christmas looming round the corner (23 days guys!) I thought I'd bring together all the beauty gifts and sets I'd like to find under my tree...

First up, let's chat brushes. Does anyone else rarely buy brushes? I just find I don't get that excited by them and anytime I go with the intention of buying I get side tracked by lipstick. However, I am in need of some and I quite fancy this Zoeva Brush Set as I've heard such consistently good things about Zoeva yet never tried them myself. This set has all your face and eyes covered and would definitely full in the gaps in my collection. There's also this Sephora Brush Set doesn't have as many brushes included but, err, it's really pretty so I just quite fancy it...

Onto actual make up and one of the sets that has really caught my eye this year is the Laura Mercier Matte to Metal Holiday Caviar Stick Set - I actually really fancied last year's version of this and hinted like mad about it, but Santa never turned up with it and by Christmas Day it was all sold out! These shades all look super wearable and these caviar stick formulas are incredible, so I might naughtily have to purchase this myself! I do have £10 worth of Space NK points though so that justifies it, right?

Just under that we have the Kat Von D Monarch Set. It's so beautiful! I'm trying to resist so that I can take full advantage of hitting Sephora in February when I go to New York but this is a limited edition set...

Much more affordable but incredibly cute is this Topshop Lip Bullet in Get Me Bodied. This is a shade I've been looking at for ages, but never seem to get around to buying. I'm also a bit of a lip product hoarder. This £5 version is slightly smaller than the regular version, which totally suits me because it's incredibly rare for me to ever finish a lip product - and it comes in this adorable packaging which you can hang on your tree, so it's a win win situation!

This isn't a Christmas release but the Le Blanc De Chanel primer has been on my 'to-buy' list for ages. Again primer, like make up brushes, doesn't excite me all that much and this one is pretty expensive - so it's the same situations here I get sidetracked by lipstick again and never actually buy this! One day though, one day it will be mine!

Something I am excited by is the Becca Moonstone Highlighter, because how could you not be? It's so incredibly beautiful! I am definitely the type who likes a matte finish and to add highlighter where I want that glow, and this just has my name all over it!

As for the last two, they're my two big things I'd love...

First there's the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl, which I've featured in a wish list before - but I'm just bringing it round again because I want it in my life! It's so expensive and I really can't justify it till after New York, but I'm determined it will be mine at some point! If anyone wanted to just buy me it before then though I won't exactly complain...

And lastly, there's the show shopping Charlotte Tilbury Vintage Vamp Set - again expensive but it's gorgeous. I still haven't tried any Charlotte Tilbury make up and I should probably just go in and begin with the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette which I keep opening up on the Selfridges website and just looking at every so often, but in for a penny in for a pound as they say and this is a Christmas wish list - so I'm featuring the damn Vintage Vamp Box Set. Of all the box sets this is the only one I can honestly say I would really use every product that's in the box so it's the best option for me and one I'd be overjoyed to find under the tree!

Santa, I've been good this year - I promise!

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  1. I really want to try the curl secret it looks so cool! and its about time we get a charlotte tilbury in scotland dont you agree! :P haha

  2. Great post, love it! :)
    I invite you to my blog, maybe follow for follow? :)

  3. Did you see that Becca just launched the Pearl highlighter in powder? I think it may be perfect for us. I totally just ordered it!

    I did swatch Moonstone though, and it is absolutely gorgeous.


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