The Christmas Party Dress Edit.

20 November 2015

I've always loved dressing up. You know those memes that float around the internet that say 'I'm either dressed like a princess or a homeless person and never in the middle'? Yeah, they're very applicable to me! I think part of my love for Christmas probably stems from the fact that it's an excuse to dress up all season long so today I've decided to showcase some of my favourite Christmas Party Dresses.

First up there's The Sexy One. If you loved but couldn't be bothered with the handle of that HMxBalmain blazer dress thing-y, this one from MissGuided has you covered. A snip of the price but with all that blazer-as-a-dress sex appeal this is a great one for club based nights out.

Next up there's The Cute One. This black velvet number with the white collar and cuffs is just adorable, and it's definitely wearable all year round but the velvet texture makes it very Christmas-appropriate. I think this would look adorable with sheer black tights, flat shoes and a beehive or maybe some milkmaid braids. Add some winged liner and you're good to go. Perfect for family gatherings.

Next to the black velvet we have The Sleek Ones - sticking with the velvet for the first one is this red velvet bandeau dress. If there's ever a time for red velvet then surely Christmas is it, but the simple cut of this dress makes it super chic. If the red velvet just isn't for you you can keep it super sleek with the black version (weirdly these are from two different shops, but let's be honest and say they're basically the same dress!)

Next to that we have The Cool One - this insane high necked black dress with silver metal detailing and cut outs. I think this looks amazing and I'd pair it with a super grungy black smokey eye and messy, texturised hair. Perfect for someone looking for that slightly undone edfe to their Christmas look.

On the far right - be still my beating heart - we have The Sophisticated One - this red Topshop number. I showed this to Scott and he nodded and said 'yes, very you' - which I think sums it up. This is so elegant and beautiful but without being too over the top - it's wearable for a variety of occasions and although it's a slightly longer length the sheer material keeps it from being too mumsy. Yep, I'm sold.

Then there's The Princess One. The ChiChi Verity dress has appeared on a wishlist here before an I still want it - it's just SO beautiful. I love the fact it has sleeves, I love the lace material, I love the big poofy princess skirt. I just need it in my life, and if there's ever a time for a gold-y tones Princess dress surely it's Christmas?!

The last two are The Pretty Ones. Prom dresses with flared skirts suit most shapes. The one next to the Verity dress is from ASOS and it's incredibly pretty. I love the blue and purple tones and think this would look beautiful with a jewel toned smokey eye that incorporated those colours and some simple accessories. It's dark as well, which makes it easy to wear for most people but without being just another black dress! And last but by no means least we have another ChiChi dress, they're a brand I only own one dress from but I'd love to own more as everything they make just looks beautiful. Again this is such an easy to wear shape and it's so pretty - I love the way the model wearing the dress' hair is done and again I think simple accessories would let this beautiful dress do all the talking for any Christmas party.

So, I'm off to do some online shopping now... Is your Christmas party outfit sorted?

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  1. I'm currently on the hunt for a dress for my work's Christmas night out and this helped loads! Loving the blazer-type one from Missguided and that fab cut out one from ASOS! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Shannon Darko x

  2. Oh my goodness, that red Topshop dress is breathtaking! There's something rather Dolce & Gabbana about it - so striking, feminine and sophisticated.



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