All black e'rythin'...

26 November 2015

Bag & Belt - River Island [Both old!]
Shoes - Dolce & Gabbana

Boohoo recently got in touch and asked if I'd like to work with them to create an all black ensemble in preparation for Black Friday tomorrow, which was something I agreed to after some careful consideration of the Boohoo website! As I've said before, I don't really wear black and where most people reach for black I reach for navy - so being forced into the restriction of all black was pretty daunting!

I picked my ensemble and emailed back - to be told the items I'd picked were out of stock. Back to square one, picked a new ensemble - and the same thing happened! It was a black time indeed! 

The result is I have the maxi shirt and the dress which are items I would have never picked out, but it's forced me not only to go out of the box in terms of colour but also in terms of trying new things and isn't that really what fashion is all about?

My second idea had focussed on wearing this dress with a black cut out shirt, which went out of stock but I'm praying it comes back in as I need it in my life - it was a cut out shirt that really only gathered at the waist and it had more than a few superhero vibes about it! But anyway, the whole point was I thought I'd do a feature about wearing fitted dresses in a way that works for those of us who aren't that body confident, but I don't know if the idea translates at all with the maxi shirt as you can't see the under dress as well - so it's sort of ended up that there are just two separate outfit posts going on here - two for the price of one!

What I'd like to say though is, although you can't really see the dress through the maxi one, these two layered make for a reasonable level of warmth without being too bundled up in a Scottish November, so I think I might continue to wear them together anyway! 

So all in all, my feature idea didn't really work out but I got thrown a bit outside my comfort zone, I tried something new, I learned how to keep warm in November and I got two outfits instead of one - so it worked out okay really!

Today I'm off to get my hair done, buy a few bits in Boots as they're running their spend £50 and get £10 worth of points event today and then head to a blogger event at night - all before burrowing under my duvet and letting the Black Friday madness pass me right on by! 

I'm afraid that, as much as I love fashion and shopping, the whole idea of battling other people just to buy something in a sale doesn't really appeal - but I can't promise that when Friday comes I won't have a little browse of the online stores... Black Friday done - fuss free!

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  1. Ah you look absolutely stunning! I adore the off the shoulder dress - so classy!

  2. great outfits! boohoo also contacted me for a summer theme haha loved working with them!

  3. HOLY MOLY. You are the fittest person alive!! Xx

  4. Hi, You really look gorgeous in this dress. You should also try Lockets, bracelets, cuff, Rings & more jewelry with different designs. I think you will look amazing when you try these things...


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