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18 October 2015

I feel like it's been ages since I did a good wish list post, and I don't particularly know why as I absolutely love doing them. There's something therapeutic and satisfying about seeing all your current favourite things collaged together and described in a way that completely justifies buying them all (and it makes it so much easier to have a bunch of links ready to be clicked and 'add to basket'-ed come payday!)

So first up we have this beautiful ChiChi London dress - what a show stopper! This will be perfect for Christmas parties (yes, yes it is October and I'm busting out the Christmas parties excuse, what of it?!) and just for being a generally all-round beautiful addition to any wardrobe!

These trousers from Next are very much the day vibe I'm going for just now - sort of a classic look which can be made either very 50s chic or very 70s if paired with a black polo neck. So I already have two looks there! The black polo neck combo would be perfectly with the Topshop sleeveless coat for a smart day time look and the tunic top from Zara, which they've paired with their own navy trousers from their website, would also be a way to make the look super modern and bang up to dat. There we go, 3 ways to wear the trousers - I think they're a clear winner, amiright?!

Next to the Topshop coat we have this beautiful black dress. It's sort of sexy with the cut outs but it's actually fairly covered up at the same time, so perfect for those who may be a little less body confident but still want to show a little. I haven't had a Self Portrait dress before but I'm seeing them pop up on everyone and I think the time to take the plunge may be approaching! (I've linked to ASOS on that first link because, hello student discount!, but if they're out of stock of your size then the dress is also stocked here!)

Below the top row we have this beautiful shirt dress, which I just love - you all know me and that colour just calls to me like a siren. I think the material will make this reasonably warm as well for going into those colder months and shirt dresses are so easy to layer over things as well - you can easily sneak a high neck jumper under there and make it a thing. I love the one I featured in Sunday's haul video - a bargain at £6 and I reckon if they had that one in a green colour to match my Kate Spade bag, which was also in that same haul video, that could be a great go-to outfit for the rest of the reason.

And last but certainly not least we have this beautiful Whistles dress. This baby was in the window of House of Fraser on Buchanan Street for ages and it kept calling out to me but I sort of convinced myself I didn't need it. I say sort of because I am definitely not that convinced that I don't need it - it's so elegant and sophisticated and easy to wear and beautiful and yes, there may be nothing coming up that I would wear it to, but it could just live in my wardrobe and I could just look at it ever day and it would just make me really, really happy. Which is a totally normal reason to buy something.

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  1. Oh WOW! That Chi Chi London dress is just stunning. Such a gorgeous colour and the detailing is exquisite x


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