A Little Chanel Splurge...

16 October 2015

The other day I was meeting Lynsey & Nikki for dinner and made the grave mistake of arriving in town a little bit early with time to kill - which naturally meant I somehow ended up swatching away and all too soon my debit card was in a machine and before I knew it I was the proud owner of two new Chanel products.

Illusion D'Ombre 116 Rouge-Gorge

The first product I picked up was the Illusion D'Ombre from the Chanel Autumn 2015 range - the shade 116 Rouge-Gorge. This is actually my first ever Chanel Illusion D'Ombre shadow as, despite seeing raves for them all over the place, none of the shades ever really seemed individual enough for that £25.00 price point. However, having given in to this one I can see this being the start of a slight obsession because I am seriously impressed with this formula.

I expected this formula to be similar to the Dior Fusion Mono shadows, as the packaging is practically identical, but where the Dior formula is much more powdery the Chanel formula is almost more mousse like. You can see that in the third photo - the way that the formula has reacted to me swatching it - the light and airy formula that forms this shadow is malleable, unlike the more powder based Dior shadows, which don't have that change in the appearance when swatched. This product feels like you could scoop some of it out and press it between your fingers and it would be almost sponge like.

Of course, I didn't scoop it out and press it between my fingers - I applied it to my lids. In the photo depicting the swatches the top swatch is one swipe of the shadow and the bottom is three swipes, to demonstrate how this shadow can be built up for a more intense look, such as I went for on my lids in the other photos, or left quite a pale shade. As my regular readers and viewers will know I say that I almost expect eyeshadow to crease on me due to my hooded eyes and this was the real deal sealer for me - this didn't crease. At all. I wore this look as shown with just the eyeshadow completely alone on my eyes for nearly 12 hours with no creasing. The next day I used this as a base for an eyeshadow look utilising shadows I know usually crease on me, and this stopped even those shadows creasing on me. Needless to say I am very, very impressed.

Of course all my comments thus far are general comments on the formula rather than on the specific colour - so with regards to 116 Rouge-Gorge I adore this orange shadow and think it's incredibly versatile. In the photos I went for a sort of 90s grunge inspired look with it, however it does blend beautifully into any golden, red or browny tones as well to create a slightly more wearable, warm toned smokey eye. When I picked it up I swatched it along-side the Illusion D'Ombre in the shade 95 Mirage which is a gorgeous bronze shade and they looked as though they'd work beautifully together. I convinced myself I didn't need it as it's that standard bronze shade we all own a million times over, but given what I now know about the formula of these guys I can't say that I'll stay convinced for too long!

Le Vernis Nail Colour - 675 Troublante 

So please ignore my awful nails and accept that my nails and I are never going to get on. That's actually something I accepted a long time ago and it's why I don't buy nail varnishes that often - so it takes something extra special to get me on board with a nail varnish. Like this one, for example. (In being that it's extra special and not being like it's an example of a nail varnish!)

Again this is a limited edition release from Chanel but it's not from their Autumn collection - it's from the Chanel Rouge Allure Collection 2015. I was chatting to the girl at the counter and she said she'd heard they might end up becoming permanent products but right now nothing was certain, so if you fancy this I'd get a hold of it now just to be safe!

I know Chanel nail varnishes get a bad rep for chipping but I can honestly say I find them to be some of the best formulas that chip the least on my nails, and that's coming from someone who can chip a professional manicure within an hour. 

As for this specific shade, I mean, do I even need to say anything? It is beyond beautiful. Despite not being part of the Autumn collection this shade is absolutely perfect for Autumn and I think I'll have it on my nails every day for the foreseeable future (or at least until 6th November, when the Chanel Christmas collection launches - it's all themed round my beloved Rouge Noir and there's a beautiful top coat with my name all over it!)! It's one of those beautiful shades which changes with the light and I've tried to show you that between the first and third photo - in the first you can see more of the golden, bronze and brown tones coming through whereas in the third you can see more of the purple. This shadow reminds me of Autumn leaves, that mix of colours from the purples and reds right through to the browns and yellows, and it's just seriously stunning. 

So, that was my little unplanned Chanel splurge! I'm now going to be putting my debit card away until the 6th November when the most exciting Christmas collection ever gets released - and then I'll be storing my card in a block of ice somewhere I can't touch it - like the North Pole! Except maybe to indulge in a few more of those Illusion D'Ombre shadows... 

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