The Fashion Undateables.

6 August 2015

When House of Fraser got in touch to ask if I'd take part in their Fashion Undateables competition I was a little bit daunted, my taste in mens style is a bit more classic and boring than my eclectic tastes for blue lipstick when it comes to myself. However there's £1000 up for grabs and you can bet your bottom dollar I'm throwing my hat in that ring!

So step 1 was to decide which of the above 2 Fashion Undateables I wanted to style for a hypothetical date. Being me I got wayyyyy too bogged down in that bit - Jarrod seems a bit too demanding for me - 'a girl who can be like one of the lads but not dress like one.' Well, I'm not really 'one of the lads' anyway but I get the impression that when a guy says he wants a girl to dress not like one of the lads he doesn't necessarily mean 1950s style dresses and petticoats - which would be my take on dressing not like one of the lads

Thus, I moved over to peruse Melvin. As bad as it may look, I love a Christmas jumper - the uglier and more jazzy the better, so he was already winning points for the jumper and the Christmas decoration hanging up behind him. Then I read his little bio... Harem pants don't exist in my wardrobe and I have a tendency too take myself a little too seriously but, since S isn't going anywhere soon I reasoned that this was a hypothetical date and decided to throw my imagination into overdrive...

The first step, no matter what you're wearing, when you go on a date is to groom a little - something that Melvin could definitely benefit from, if he doesn't mind me saying!
I've picked out a whole load of the Kiehl's Facial Fuel range because all that travelling and exposure to different climates seems to be showing on Melv's face - he looks a little bit tired and a little weather beaten. This cleanser, moisturiser and eye cream will invigorate the skin, cause it to look a little less dull, a little more even and refresh and repair the damage already done!

After the skin is taken care of we need to concentrate on that impressive facial fuzz Melv has going on - it needs cleaned up a bit! I'm actually a fan of some well trimmed facial hair on a man so this Babyliss for Men Super Beard would allow Melvin to trim it and tidy it without actually removing it. Once it's trimmed down a bit this Tom Ford Oud Wood Beard Oil would condition the remaining hair  as well as giving it the most delicious scent. I'd then advise getting ready before coming back and finishing off with Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte. I first fell for this fragrance after Blair Waldorf of the Gossip Girl book series (long before the TV show existed!) named it as her favourite men's scent. Yes, my love and admiration for Blair has been going on since well before Leighton Meester arrived (though I do love Leighton!) This is a super fresh and zingy scent, which I think would suit Melvin's personality and would add a freshness to the musky base of the Tom Ford Oud Wood in the beard oil. 

The next step was to peruse the House of Fraser menswear collection and try to pick out an outfit. Appreciating Melvin's jumper in his profile picture gave me the idea of a classic jumper, shirt and trouser combo - albeit maybe a slightly more stylish jumper than the first one! I went for this navy number (I think everyone is by now more than aware of my undying love for navy!) as given that I go to Florida in a matter of days our date wouldn't be able to take place until my return, by which time the colder weather will be in full force. The jumper is also reduced to a super bargain-ous £13.20 which means more money left for him to spend on our date, amiright?!

Under the jumper I loved the idea of a shirt collar popping out - a bit like I styled myself in this outfit post - either of these patterned numbers would make a great impact and even though the first one could be a little bit too jazzy for some, having just the collar under the plainer jumper helps to balance it but still have a little pizazz to the outfit. (Side note, isn't pizazz an underused word?!) If it would be a little too much even then, then this checked number is a little more laid back and pared down.

Working our way down to the trousers, I have three options - red, grey and debatably ones I'd term beige but the website classes as green. My personal favourites would be the red, although they're bright I think going for the navy jumper and shoes would totally balance it, but if Melv wasn't feeling quite that confident then the other two colours tone in with the style but are a little bit more subdued!

And finally, let's talk about those navy shoes. They're classic suede loafers which means they're going to be super comfortable and last for years, as they're great quality and won't date (ironically!)!

This outfit is a little more laid back so would be great for a first date - maybe for a wander round an art gallery or museum, before grabbing some food, which hopefully should suit Melvin's taste for travel and culture, without taking itself too seriously.  (Though I do think I could totally see Melv rocking this suit, which isn't something many could carry off, so let's hope that first laid back date progresses to one or two more formal ones!)

If you fancy entering the competition the rules are over on House of Fraser's blog here but you'll need to be quick - the closing date is tomorrow!

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