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14 August 2015

I'm the type of person that when I like something I really like it. It doesn't happen all that often but Once upon A Time has sailed its way into my life and stolen my heart. And yes, that use of sailed was intentional, because I am just a little bit in love with a certain Captain... Actually, screw a little bit. I am hook, line and sinker! So naturally, after this show consumed my soul I had to go in search of other ways to indulge in it other than just watching it, hence this little wish list of memorabilia.

1. This dress. Oh my word - this dress! A ridiculous amount of money for a dress that isn't exactly an 'I'll wear it every day and the cost per wear will be like £0' piece, but it's just so beautiful. And it will be mine.

2. This mug. Probably the closest my lips will ever get to his beautiful face, other than in my dreams, but I'm okay with that. Mainly because he's a fictional character - I'm sure Colin O'Donoghue is a lovely person, but I'm comfortable enough with myself to admit it is absolutely Captain Hook I'm in love with and not actually the actor!

3 & 4. So this necklace and this one are kind of similar, but totally different - one has an anchor and one has a compass and is a little bit more glittery. So I clearly need both, yes?

5. This top. Just a little bit more Captain Hook in my life can't hurt, right?

6. Captain Swan necklace. Subtle but a nice way to keep my second ever OTP round my neck (cause Chuck and Blair will forever be my first one, but there's considerably less cool stuff available there!)

7. This dress. Okay, so this dress isn't really related in any way, shape or form to OUAT but it's a very pretty, twinkly Princess-esque dress, so it sort of fits?!

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  1. I personally loved your puns haha. I'm the same as you in that I don't often get obsessed with trends/series, but Once Upon a Time is the exception! Both of those are dresses are absolutely gorgeous, and both are also absolutely out my budget haha. Great post :)

    Mairi x


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