Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Range

22 June 2015

A while ago I headed along to a Paul Mitchell event in Glasgow's beautiful Blytheswood Square Hotel and found these in my goody bag upon leaving - along with a few other bits and pieces that will no doubt be popping up here as soon as I've got a good feel for them to review.

These products are from the Tea Tree range and when I first noticed them I was a bit scared that they'd strip my coloured hair, but when I noticed they were marked as 'colour safe' I took a deep breath and decided to give them a go - since my hair is due a dye soon anyway it wasn't going to be the end of the world. As it turns out they didn't strip the colour at all and they are actually totally colour safe.

The reason I thought they'd be stripping is that they're really pretty close to a clarifying shampoo - not quite as much as my favourite detox shampoo which I'll post about soon - but definitely a great couple to reach for for a good deep clean to get rid of product build up and not leave any deposit. Neither product leaves your hair that squeaky clean almost dry feeling (hopefully you guys will know what I mean!) - even using the shampoo on it's own there was still a healthy dose of moisture left in my hair without it feeling heavy and with the conditioner used in conjunction these give my hair a good clean but still leaving it feeling perfectly nourished. Even my fine hair feels like it's as light as air after using both of these!

I find for my dry hair I could use these for every wash as long as I was using a good hair treatment to inject the nourishment it needs at least once a week, but instead I've been using them once a week to keep my hair happily clean and swapping them out for other products for my other washes - I usually wash it around three times a week.

Overall I'd definitely recommend these to a lot of people - they're gentle enough for coloured hair, nourishing enough for dry hair and light enough for oily or fine hair, so if your hair fits the bill check these out, though remember this range is only available at Paul Mitchell salons or on their website, you can't get these guys in Boots yet sadly!

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