Smashbox Cherry Smoke Palette Review

14 April 2015

I'm in love... with an eyeshadow palette. 

When I took a fancy for MAC's Cranberry eyeshadow to be told it was sold out in my local store the obvious thing would have been to go home and just order it online. But me being me I didn't want to do that, or wait, I wanted something that very day that would fulfil my red toned cravings, so when I spied the Smashbox Cherry Smoke Eyeshadow Palette in Boots I jumped on it.

In the first look I've created I wanted to really emphasise the red tones, so I've layered the matte red-brown with the sparkly one lightly over the top - though it can be layered and packed on for really impressive sparkly impact. I took it slightly under the eye too and you can see the difference in the shades - the matte one is on the outer part of my under eye and the sparkly one is on the inner half of my under eye. To combat putting the red so near my eyes I used my Rimmel nude eyeliner.

Despite the name of it the Cherry Smoke Palette will create way more than the red toned looks the name suggests, which is what I've tried to show in look 2. I used the silvery shade in the top right of the palette all over the lid and under the eye, then used the bottom left shade on the outer edges of the eye.

The palette is incredibly versatile - the lighter shades could create the ultimate day look, maybe with some of the matte red-brown or the mid-grey in the crease, there's your main cherry smoke look which you could create as I've done in look 1 or make more dramatic wight he black shade blended in, or the right hand side of the palette could create a gorgeous traditional dark smokey eye. 

The shades are all highly pigmented and they all blend beautifully. I'd dabbled with Smashbox primers before (who hasn't?!) but this is my first dalliance with their eyeshadows - safe to say more would be welcome in my collection!

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  1. This looks like such a beautiful, versatile palette! I love the shade range, it's a little bit different to the typical nude offerings that I usually go for. I really want to try some of the Smashbox eyeshades, like you I've only really tried the primers before, and this might just need to go on my wishlist next to the Full Exposure palette! xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  2. Ah gosh I think I'm in love with every single shade. It's gorgeous!

    Story Of A Girl


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