Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Varnish - Oh Mr Darcy!

12 April 2015

Today's post brings you a prime example of what is in a name - because it's safe to assume when this nail polish name referenced one of my biggest and oldest literary crushes (yes, there is more than one!) I was going to buy it - no matter what type of colour it actually was.

What it is is a super wearable greige that I'm getting a tonne of use from, because it's that perfect colour that blends into the background and goes with any outfit but is also a fast track to looking totally polished and put together.

Colour aside the formula of this is top notch - I can't paint my nail for shizzz and I can chip them within a minute of painting - I go in the shower, wash my hair and come out to find half my nail varnish gone. Somehow though this formula really does last and I do get a few days out of it without chipping. It's also super easy and quick to apply because of the lovely wide brush, even for a cack handed painter like me.

Now, what colour should I go for next?

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