9 April 2015

Jumpsuit - Primark
Shoes - Forever 21
Lips - MAC Cyber

It can be quite difficult sometimes trying to be a Glasgow fashion blogger (though I do admittedly class myself as a lifestyle blogger now, but originally way back when I got into blogging it was because of fashion bloggers!) as the weather doesn't really play ball. It's raining usually and if it's not raining it's too dark to take photos. But that seems to be changing a little (though fingers crossed I'm not jinxing it by saying this!) yesterday was dry all day and the sun was out - a foreign combination to us Scottish bloggers but a welcome one.

Anyway, I saw the combination and practically ran out the door, dragging S and the camera behind me. i literally haven't done an outfit post since January (not through choice I might add!) and it felt a little surreal - almost like I'd forgotten what to do, cue a tonne of photos of me with my eyes shut or just looking incredibly awkward. But I'm getting back into it and in theory it should be like riding a bike, right?! (Someone please assure me it's like riding a bike!)

Anyway, on to the outfit - it's quite a simple one, this jumpsuit from Primark is one of my latest buys and, as it the great thing with any all in one there's no effort to it. (Still in stores but obviously can't link it for you!) Since buying this it's become one of my most worn things - don't you love it when you buy something and within a few weeks the cost per wear is already down to like £2? Admittedly easier with Primark buys but still! It feels appropriate for so many things - you can use a safety pin to make it a little bit less low cut or layer a bandeau or crop top underneath to up the modesty. It's one of those things that because it's a jumpsuit it seems a little bit more 'fashion' than wearing a black trouser and top combo, which is essentially all this is, so it seems more stylish but it's still just as little effort as throwing on black jeans and a black top!

To lift the 'all black' factor of the outfit I paired it with these blue heels. Which are utterly ancient and were super cheap - from Forever 21. They're definite dinner shoes - I can just about hobble along in them - but they just look so good with so many things. I don't really understand the science of why some shoes you can walk in and others you can't, I have shoes that are higher than these are and are a no strap, no platform, court shoe style as well but for some reason I can walk fine in them? Must be because these ones are cheap, that'll be the difference!

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  1. You look incredible! I'll need to try hunt down that jumpsuit, love it. I have a gorgeous pair of heels from Forever 21 that are definitely dinner shoes... if the taxi drops me off right at my table that is! Such a struggle to walk in them even though they're not really that high x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  2. Wow hun you look absolutely flawless! x


  3. You look amazing!! Lipstick is stunning x

  4. Love that jumpsuit; looks gorgeous on you. And those shoes are just amazing! x


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