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7 April 2015

So I know I just posted a wish list last week, but I just can not stop stumbling across things that I want!

You guys know how much I love navy and this navy dress is such a classic - the long sleeves mean it's fine for the colder months with tights but it's fine to wear when it's a little warmer without being warm yet (i.e. Scottish summer) as you won't need a coat over it.

Speaking of coats there's this Topshop Mac - I really wanted one of these a few years ago and never got it and now they've rolled back around again (which totally justifies all the hoarding I do! Wait long enough and everything comes back!). For the next few months this would be perfect as the evenings are getting longer, it's not as cold and I want to wear more colour - and I don't want to bury that colour under a big winter coat! For the transitional months this would keep me dry and still show off my Spring wardrobe!

Also perfect for transitional weather is this printed pair of trousers from Mango - I reckon they'd look so cute with a colour pop blazer to match the red flowers and a pair of heels. They're also such a good price - I always forget about Mango for some reason but I'd gone onto the site on a whim the other night and fell in love with these, definitely going to have to remember to go into the Glasgow branch a little more!

Speaking of heels - there's 2 pairs here that I'd love to magically appear in my wardrobe, the farmer strappy pair are from Zara and I am in love. Again they're super affordable and they will 100% be going in my online shopping basket asap, I'm just slightly worried they might be a little narrow for my wide feet (sob!), but if they are these neon ones from ASOS are actually from the wide fit range so I should get at least 1 pair of shoes!

Above the shoes is this gorgeous star cut out dress which I just love. I'm not usually a fan of star print for some reason but I just think this is adorable - I'd love to toughen it up with a pair of black strappy heels or wear it super pretty and romantic like with a low bun, understated make up and a pair of flats.

And next to the dress is what Zara are calling a 'long waistcoat with slits'. It seems more like a dress that's not really a dress because it's slit up the sides to me, it doesn't look like it's open at the front like a waistcoat? Regardless of what we're calling it though I quite fancy it! I think it could look really elegant worn in a monochrome outfit or all white outfit like on the model at home, but it would also be nice for by the pool in Florida.

And elf's just all take a moment to appreciate the top next to the 'waistcoat/dress/thing' - isn't that blouse just stunning?! That neck, I die! Being a bit bigger in the chest I'm not sure this will suit me, but life's too short sometimes to just worry about whether or not things suit you because, when they're this gorgeous, you just need to wear them!

I think the blouse would look so cute tucked into the high waisted navy patterned shorts, very Blair Waldorf esque, and we all know she's forever my spirit animal - both in style and personality. And that goes way back to the original books, far before there was ever a TV show. Though admittedly I did love the Chuck and Blair relationship from the get-go in the show, whereas if Blair had got with book Chuck... No. Just no.

I really like high waisted things on me as my waist is my smallest part and this two piece is just gorgeous with the high waisted shorts and the belted jacket. I actually bought a really similar jacket to this from Zara last year which was pure white and I ended up returning it as you couldn't wash it and it also said not suitable for dry cleaning, which was just a nightmare for a pure white jacket - but this one has the shape but being marked as off white means it's not quite as scary a concept for keeping clean!

And lastly we've got two pairs of the same shorts in different prints - polka dot and orange (they also come in stripes as well, but I thought featuring three of the same might be a bit much. I do want all three though!) I thought these would be really nice in Florida as they're light and easy to wear and would be perfect for daily wear with my park t-shirts. Having said that though they still do have a little bit of structure, which I like - I just never feel 100% comfortable in slouchy clothes ironically because I tend to end up looking bigger than I am in them, and who needs that?!

Anyway, on top of all this I still want everything from last week's wish list as well, so if anyone feels like sending a whole load of cash my way, feel free! Actually, I'm fair sure the crown prince of Morocco emailed me earlier saying he was sending me one million euros... Wait till I find that email again! ;)

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