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2 April 2015

I feel like I'm doing so many wish list posts lately - but I can't help it! Right now the shops just seem to be full of things I'd like to add to my wardrobe, which is probably because I need to pay my holiday, save some spending money, sort out travel insurance and basically do a million other things with my money than buy clothes! Always the way isn't it? When you have spare cash there's nothing in the shops that you like and when you have commitments there's a tonne of stuff!

I fell in love with this Sportmax dress on first sight - I love the mix of patterns and prints. It would be so fresh and easy to wear all summer, but especially in Florida - ironically Florida being the reason I cannot afford to shop right now! *Trying to focus on all the things I'll want to buy when I'm there!!!!*

Making its second appearance in a wish list is this Mulberry scarf. It's currently out of stock, which makes not being able to buy it a little bit easier, but I just know how much use this would be in my wardrobe. I have 2 of these scarves already and I wear them pretty much every day - a navy one would match so many of my outfits and fill a gap just nicely!

Another repeat offender is this ASOS dress - isn't it just gorgeous?! I have a wedding to go to in May which I might treat myself to this for and I think the jewel tones of the dress would work really well with the satin shoes below it.

Stepping away from occasion wear the black wrap dress from Topshop would be such an easy to wear every day piece. It's totally effortless but since my waist is my smallest part it would be really flattering.

The other black dress with the gold embroidery reminds me SO MUCH of a Dolce & Gabbana number but is approximately a tenth of the price! ASOS wins again!

And the last dress on the list is this Topshop number. Again I've featured it before so I won't say too much but I just LOVE it. The cut looks like it would be fairly flattering but it's just so expensive! In a way I'd rather just save up a bit more and buy a designer dress because I never feel like Topshop quality is as good as the price indicates but it's just so gorgeous! I'm so torn!

For the non-dress option I just love this outfit from H&M - trousers here and body here. It looks so elegant and totally like something from the 50s, I think it would look gorgeous with red lips, a hat and some cat eye sunglasses. I love this fedora from John Lewis - though at £35.00 it's more than I really want to pay for one, but if it's the perfect hat then is it worth the splurge?!

To balance out the fact I'm seriously considering spending £35 on a hat the sunglasses options are both super cheap - from New Look! I'll need to go in store and have a look at them/try them on but I love the look of both these pairs - the first ones are 'pink faded' according to the website, so I don't know if the pink would clash a bit! They don't look too pink when they're on the model though so I'll need to see them on! The second ones are listed as gold so they may match in a little better but like I say - it's so hard to judge these things online! Not that I'm going to actually buy anything, not at all, not that I might have already ordered the trousers and the body... Oops!!! H&M is always just cheap enough to justify!

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