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5 April 2015

Spring brings a great many things that I welcome - lighter evenings, which makes for better outfit photos; a cut down on rain, which makes for outfits that don't have to revolve around coats and jackets; and weddings, which make for some of my favourite outfits ever.

I'm 100% an overdresser, always have been and always will be but having an occasion to properly dress up for makes me ridiculously excited. Finding the perfect outfit for a wedding is a sport, and one I like to make sure I come first place in. But for those of you who don't enjoy the hunt as much as me, or simply have found the perfect outfit but can't find the shoes (we've all been there) here's a little short cut - Rainbow Club shoes.

Rainbow Club produce the perfect occasion shoes - whether it's for a wedding guest, a bridesmaid, a bride herself or even just your prom, they've got you covered. 'How can you guarantee that?!' I hear you cry. Simple - you chose your shoe and then they dye it to whatever colour you want.

Yep, custom coloured shoes.

No matter what colour your outfit is, no matter what colour of dress you want for your bridesmaids and no matter what weird colour your soon to be mother in law has gone for you're probably going to find a colour match here - click here to see the colours available.

Of course, if you're a more traditional bride you can get the shoes and keep them their original colour as well - and they have some beautiful shoes on offer. Although I usually wear a higher heel than any available when it's a big occasion you're on your feet a lot more than usual, and all the heel heights are perfect for wearing all day without pain. And for those of you who are worried about ordering online John Lewis and House of Fraser also stock the shoes.

With my favourite colour being green that was the obvious choice to go for for me, and I adore the delicacy of the lace but my other favourites are this Gatsby esque pair and this Valentino lookalike printed pair.

Although the shoes obviously excite me most (shoe girl for life!) they do also offer handbags which can be dyed to match your shoes to complete your outfit, as well as offering kids shoes for your little flower girls and first communion-ers.

I haven't found the perfect outfit to style my shoes up with yet (yes, I did chose my favourite colour based on that rather than a specific outfit!) but rest assured, you'll see them featured properly soon!

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  1. Wow, these are insanely amazing! That colour is so stunning!

  2. They are stunning, the colour and lace are beautiful!


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