Radley Spring Summer Press Day

5 March 2015

When an invitation to look at some gorgeous handbags and eat some cake came through my letterbox (or, more accurately, my inbox) I had to say yes. Radley was a brand I'd always associated with my grandmother, they were always her go to holiday bags as they weren't too expensive but still were great quality.

Well, they've been trying to change their image - they're still providing an affordable bag, nothing retails for more than £400 and the majority are well under £300, admittedly still an investment but a gorgeous leather bag that will last years is worth saving for, and it's an achievable amount to save up - but the designs are sleeker and more minimal, the slightly naff dog isn't branded all over the place and overall they're just a hell of a lot cooler and more fashion.

The blood orange Mount Street Shoulder Bag (£209) and the light grey London Fields Large Cross Over Bag (also £209) are at the top of my wish list. The blood orange is just gorgeous and the perfect size for holding my camera without being too big a bag to lug around. What I love about both bags is that compartments and the fact they;re all slightly padded - remember the Zara Laptop carrying bag we all went gaga for a while ago? Well that's exactly what these are - bags you can store your laptops, phones and iPads in without fear as they're nicely protected - ideal for the blogger on the go. Or generally any young person on the go.

The green Clerkenwell Medium Zip Top (£199) and the adorable yellow Bloomsbury Cross Body Bag (£129) are also gorgeous and I think they'd be lovely for taking to Florida this summer - not too big because, let's be honest, who wants to be carrying their everything but the kitchen sink bag with them in Floridian heat, but big enough to hold the basics and such gorgeous, bright colours!

We also got the chance to take a sniff at the new Radley fragrance - the first they've ever launched. I was dubious when I saw this on the invite as I'm so notoriously picky with fragrance but I actually, genuinely like this. It's very fresh and, again, ideal for me going to Florida this summer - I've got a feeling that the heat and my usual super spicy, heady scents won't mix massively well. But it's not a super sharp freshness, there's really nothing offensive about it - definitely recommend taking a sniff when you get a chance. I had unfortunately already doused myself that morning in Agent P's Fatale so I can't comment yet on how it reacted with skin or developed but I'll get back to you once I get a chance to try that out!

Overall a press day I wasn't entirely sure about really opened my eyes to the brand and it's new directions, as well as giving me a shopping list - not sure if I'm thankful or not! But seriously, the bags are worth a stroke next time you're near them - the leather is just buttery soft and easily on parr with the more expensive handbags in my collection - and the scent is well wroth a sniff and a cheeky spray.

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  1. Such gorgeous, classic bags! Love the Spring colours. Looks like a fun event :)



    1. It was! I want too many of their bags now though!! <3 x

  2. The round yellow bag - i'm in love! why must i be a penniless student! ha!



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