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23 March 2015

Suit - Topman
Shoes - River Island

So here he is, the man who is usually behind the camera, though I admit he does a much better job in front of it - maybe this should just become his fashion and lifestyle blog because with the way uni is for me right now the fashion side of my life pretty much consists of wearing the same 7 outfits on a rotating basis because I don't have time to even think about clothes right now, I think his fashion and lifestyle both outweigh my own right now!

When House of Fraser got in touch and asked me to do something about men's fashion it was safe to say he was fairly pleased - I think he viewed getting this shirt as his payment for the amount of photos he's taken for me over the time of this blog (usually accompanied by me begin like 'no, why can't you just take these pictures like Atlanic Pacific's photographer does, what's so hard about that?!' - I don't think it's a massively enjoyable experience for him!)

They also asked me to chat a little bit about men's fashion. I'll be honest and say I know nothing about men's fashion - I agree with Tom Ford on his 15 things every man should have - though I'd   substitute the watch with the metal band for a watch with a leather strap. There's something old fashioned and warm about leather straps rather than metal ones.

I'm quite classic when it comes to men's fashion - as is Tom apparently - the tuxedo, the well cut dark suit (though I do enjoy a well cut light grey suit too), the blazer, white crisp shirts (they've got to be good quality, none of that vaguely see through look about them that girl's school shirts always had - I like this one!), and preferably with some nice cufflinks. Tom goes for dark jeans, but the combo of cream chinos, a blue blazer and that crisp white shirt with boat shoes always makes me swoon. I'll admit jeans are probably a good basic to have though. 

I personally like men's clothes better when they're expensive. And I know that seems shallow and ridiculous, but men buy less clothes than girls and wear everything more often as a result. Men who invest in their clothes always come across as that little bit more manly and put together to me, as sexist as that may seem. I can't quite imagine Mr Darcy's billowing white shirt having the same effect if it had been a basically see through number from Primark, can you? 

I think materials have so much to do with it with men's clothes - nothing skimpy, thin or see through (sound like I'm writing school uniform guidelines!) - heavyweight fabrics and textures always add something to men's clothes. Although I'm saying expensive S does wear a lot of high street so I don't mean everything necessarily being designer, but choose carefully - the tweed fabric of this suit makes it look a lot more upmarket than Topman's more basic offerings.

I also think a man should be best friends with his tailor - you can drop all the money in the world on a suit and if it doesn't fit it won't look good. Fit is everything when it comes to men's clothes. 

Of course, that's not to say these are concrete rules or that men shouldn't have fun and experiment - it's only my opinion!

 Let me know below what your ultimate 'man outfit' is! 

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  1. Really like that suit; great colour. And loving those shoes too x

  2. Oh well done getting him in front of the camera! He looks like a natural :) I would have to do some major persuading to get Ryan to pose haha xxx

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