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7 March 2015

I've said before, multiple times, that if everything in my wardrobe was navy, red, white or striped I'd be quite happy so when Fat Face got in touch and asked me to put together a little mood board of all my favourite blue items of clothing, it was something I found pretty easy.

From their point of view I think they wanted me to concentrate more on trends and the blue looks from the catwalk but you guys know me, and I don't tend to take my focus from the catwalk. I love looking at the clothes but to be honest I'm most excited by the couture shows - where the clothes are works of art and totally unwearable. When it comes to wearable clothes I don't get excited over what the catwalk has to offer.

My love of clothes and fashion really stemmed from a love of dresses, and that love of dresses stemmed from costume. Ever since I was little I wanted to be the princess from the pantomime, the sugar plum fairy or Odette from the ballet. I wanted the black dress that Rosemary Clooney wore when she ran off to perform solo in White Christmas. Monroe's iconic pink maxi or basically anything any Maureen O'Hara character wore. Clothes were costumes, and even now I still channel that - what I wear will depend on what I'm doing that day and what attitude I want to go for - if I want some of Anne Boleyn's strength I'll reach for something with heavy fabrics and embellishment, if i want some of Galinda from Wicked's flippancy and coquettishness it's usually something feminine, light and pretty.

In fact, my own prom dress was actually something I went for after being inspired by a combination of Galinda from Wicked and Cinderella. Cinderella, as though of you who've watched my Disney videos will know, is actually my second favourite princess after Belle (yes, there is an order) but since yellow doesn't do much for me she's always been my favourite in the dress stakes. So you can imagine my delight when the images from the new Cinderella film started landing, and there's definite influences of that film in this wish list - if that first Chi Chi Clothing Dress isn't a Cinderella number then I don't know what is. It isn't released till April, but the skirt version is equally dreamy and is available now.

The ASOS navy dress is a little bit less pretty and a little bit more sexy. I featured this in my last wish list as well, but it hasn't left my mind. Although it's super plunge the length and long sleeves balance it out and it's the perfect mix of sexy and sophisticated because of that.

Back to Princess territory the Virgos Lounge Blue dress is just beautiful - the movement in the dress, which you can see in the main picture, looks beautiful - super swirly and soft, like a frothy blue sea flapping round your ankles, but the dipped back and embellished sleeves are what seals the deal on it for me. I've been lusting after a Virgo's Lounge piece for ages, so I'll be taking the plunge super soon.

If embellished but not maxi is more up your street this Frock and Frill Dress is another Cinderella appropriate number. The top of it vaguely reminds me of the jaw-droopingly gorgeous dress Lily James wore to the Cinderella premiere, probably just because of the sleeve (dress of dreams, am I right?)

In a more every day style these Topshop Trousers have caught my eye every time I've been in store recently. I'm trying to hold off buying them till I lose a little more weight as I'm sort of in the middle of 2 sizes with them at the moment, but they'll hopefully be in my wardrobe soon! I love the fact they're slightly high waisted too, anything too low riding makes me paranoid that every time I sit down I'm flashing everyone and days spent pulling trousers up are days with lots of time waisted.

Fat Face allowed me to pick out an item from their website and I've gone for this Sriped Top. I think it's the perfect classic striped top, so easy to throw on with jeans and boots. It hasn't arrived yet but I'm sure it'll feature in an outfit post soon enough - and I love the sleeve length on it!

Back to the tudors and those heavy fabrics this ASOS Dress is stunning - and I love the jewelled headband they've paired it with on the model. I can't find that one but I think this half headpiece is a gorgeous alternative.

I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect navy heels. If you've seen my red Dolce & Gabbana heels that I featured in my Closet Confidential tag I essentially want those shoes in navy! These Gianvito Rossi heels are a fairly similar shape, and I don't mind investing in the perfect navy shoe when I find it, as it'll be one I'll get so much wear out of. I think a navy shoe would look really elegant with the culottes I bought recently that were shown in this haul.

These Fat Face Shorts have made it into my wish list as they're perfect for Florida - I'm not a fan of super short shorts so these are still shorts that will be appropriate for the weather in Florida in August and September but without being super thigh flashing. The flat Fat Face Shoes look as though they'd be really comfy for Florida as well - there's lots of walking involved in a Disney holiday good quality, comfortable shoes are a must! The turquoise blue shade is also really gorgeous for summer!

Back to super expensive shoes - these Nicholas Kirkwood Shoes are the stuff dreams are made of. Likely to remain a wish list only item due to my aversion to funnelling lots of money into more 'fashion' items rather than classic items, it doesn't mean I don't love opening up a tab on my computer just to appreciate their beauty!

The last two items are ones I'd get loads of wear from - the Fat Face Shirt is super casual and comfy looking, so easy to throw on for uni and light enough to be layered under a jumper and over a vest during the winter months (because I am a total granny!) I already have 2 of these scarfs from  Mulberry but they're a good investment as I wear them both a lot. A navy one would be a sensible addition to my wardrobe and one I'd like to make fairly soon!

If blue is your thing then Fat Face have done the leg work and made a whole page featuring all blue items, so be sure to check that out - link here - there's some gorgeous bits and pieces on there that I haven't featured here.

*This post is in collaboration with Fat Face. As always, I picked all the items featured myself and the thoughts/opinions are all my own.

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