The Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow

16 February 2015

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that yesterday's video (My Evening Routine, if you've not watched it yet!) was not filmed in my own bedroom - instead I had checked myself in to the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow. I had had one of those weeks, you all know what I'm saying. I needed peace and quiet and, feeling all inspired by J.K.Rowling and her writing in hotels thing, I decided to book myself in for a week of fuss free living. 

I told myself it was going to be prime time for me to really focus on my dissertation and get a tonne of work done with no distractions, but that didn't mean I couldn't find time in the space of a week to film 1 or 2 little videos - the fact I didn't have to sort out any clutter to film meant I technically filmed the videos in half the time I usually would anyway!

The Grand Central Hotel is a 4 star hotel and, before I talk about the room, I just want to have a little ode to the location. This hotel is in Central Station. You literally cannot get a hotel in a better location, the station itself is central to everything in the city centre (imagine that) and you're obviously on hand for any transport you'd need for anywhere else in the city you planned to go. 

I booked myself into a standard twin room, which came with the usual amenities - hair dryer (which was much better than the usual provision!), tea and coffee, pen, city guides etc - plus an ironing board and iron which I didn't use but I think it's great that they're provided.

In the bathroom there were some gorgeous toiletries from The White Company (the Jasmine, Rose and Neroli shower gel was beautiful) as well as bath mats, shower caps and a good array of towel choices (I hate when you book into a hotel and find there are two small towels and that's it - there were two proper bath towels, 2 small towels and a bath mat towel, all of which were changed on daily basis no matter what we hung up or put in the bath. My only slight complaint would be that there were no face cloth sized towels, but I suppose most people would bring their own anyway.) 

The water pressure in the shower was good and the bath was a lovely, indulgent size - perfect to really relax and recharge in after a day of pounding the city pavements. I was asked when I was checking in if I wanted a bath or shower, and I opted for a bath (I got both - a typical shower/bath combo idea) so I suspect that if you aren't interested in a Lush bath bomb or 3 then you can get a room with just a shower. Personally I ruddy love a bath. 

Despite being faced onto one of the main streets there was really no noise and I got some amazing sleeps out of that bed - it was super comfy and warm.

My only moan would perhaps be that the radiator didn't really heat up the whole room. I had it on max the entire time and whilst the radiator itself was warm the actual room didn't seem to heat up as much as I'd have liked - though admittedly I like rooms to be what other people refer to as 'stuffy' and Scott had no complaints about the temperature when he was staying, so perhaps it's just me and my middle aged tendencies to central heating (crank it up high, high, high!)

Would I stay here again? Absolutely, and I highly recommend it for anyone coming to visit Glasgow. It's not too expensive - you're not at your 5 star complete luxury end, so it's not as hard on the pocket - but you do get a really lovely hotel in an amazing location.

Check out their website here

*NB I stayed in this hotel of my own accord and was not provided with a free stay or compensated for this review. 

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  1. Oh my God! This would be bliss! I'd love to book myself into a hotel for a week.. Roll on my break to Copenhagen. Can't wait to live the hotel life for 4 nights :) x

    Laura / The Likely Lady xx

  2. I love the idea of booking into a hotel as a way to stay focused on a task. This one looks like it's in the perfect place too. I've been looking for a reasonably priced hotel in Glasgow as my partner and I are keen to spend a weekend taking in Glasgow.


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