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13 February 2015

Could someone just send a whole load of money my way? Between paying for Florida and losing weight (however slowly) on Slimming World I haven't bought a lot of clothes recently, mainly because I was hoping to be a dress size smaller than I currently am by now and also because, you know, paying for Florida like I said. But I'm getting itchy feet, I just want new things!

Maybe if I hit my target loss next week I'll treat myself to some new bits and pieces, but I literally just want everything on this list - how would I chose what to go for?!

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  1. Gorgeous items, Oliver Bonas jewellery is always so lovely! <3

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  2. great board! Love the oliver Bonas necklace, so delicate and elegant! Good luck with the weight loss... and treat yourself in any case ;) xx


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