Snow Day

30 January 2015

Jumper - Brooks Brothers (similar/updated) | Shirt - Brooks Brothers (updated version)
Pearls - Tiffany | Jeans - Primark | Boots - Tresspass

We're currently on an amber weather warning here because of the snow, but the hardships of being a student mean that, no matter the weather, visits to the library are essential. So I figured I'd best invest in some appropriate footwear as it was blatantly clear that, as extensive as it is, my footwear collection really didn't have anything in place to allow me to trek the hills of ice and snow that Glasgow and it's West End currently are. Especially since the library at my university is at the top of a ridiculous hill.

I say invest, these boots are currently reduced and only cost me £27.99 and I can safely vouch for the fact that they are amazing. The kept my feet completely dry and I was toasty warm.

I'm also a fan of the shirt and jumper combo in cold weather, my two favourites are this double Brooks Brothers combo shirt and jumper or my Primark fox jumper and H&M plaid shirt, which Ill maybe do an outfit post with soon. I love this shirt because of the double collar and cuff - the white with the blue and white stripe over it and the updated version which I've linked to is back to the single collar. Really wish BB would hurry up and bring their whole range to the UK as it's still a certain selection and missing out the double collar and cuff shirt is a bit rubbish in my opinion!

I don't know if you can tell, but I feel like I'm maybe starting to grow up. I'm still concerned with looking good, but between these boots, accepting that jeans are a better option than tights and the jacket I topped this all off with (the one you saw in this post here) I am beginning to dress somewhat sensibly for cold weather. Who knows though, possible once the heat hits I'll be straight back to wearing ridiculous combinations and shoes that will ruin my feet eventually. We'll see!

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  1. Love that shade of green on you- very pretty! Nice wintry photos :)


  2. Fittie!! I know what you mean about growing up. I remember the first time I realised my rara skirt and ballet shoes weren't ideal for the storm raging outside, peeling them off to stick on some wellies and thinking... this is it. I'm an oldie now. Oh, Roisin! There's no going back now! xx

  3. Hello, I have just stumbled on your blog and I love it! Your fashion choices are so bold I wish I was brave enough to do this.

    Well best go,


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