Disneyland Paris At Christmas... Day 2

26 January 2015


On day 2 of the trip we got up and headed down for our first breakfast in the hotel - being fairly greedy I opted for the all American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup (because what else would you go for when staying at the Hotel New York, complete with a real yellow taxi outside and a pop up version inside?!) AND some fruit. Because having the fruit absolutely cancels out the pancakes, right? Logic!

It was a morning for the Hollywood Studios park, so we wrapped up and headed over there, arriving just before 10 and heading straight on to the Studio Tram Tour to be mystified by special effects before wandering round to the Ratatouille bit to pick up fast passes for the new ride - which is absolutely amazing and when Scott and I went back last week I think we rode it about 3 times in a row!

IMG_3101IMG_3095IMG_3091 IMG_1840

After lunch we took in Animagique and Cinemagique - Animagique being my personal favourite - and then headed over to the Car Stunt Show, where we saw a man set on fire, a car drive on it's side and flames that were about 3 times the height of me - all very adrenaline packed stuff for those of you who won't find Animgaique your cup of tea. Though who couldn't love a good rendition of Disney classics and a lot of Donald Duck time!

After that we headed back over to the main park, having done everything we wanted to in the Studios. It's definitely massively improved between when I started going to DLP and now, the addition of the Toy Story Playland and the Ratatouille area have helped immensely but the Studios always just feels a bit lacking in Disney magic for me!


En route over we popped into one of the shops and I was very tempted to buy one of these entire three piece sets for Scott!

IMG_3116IMG_3113 IMG_3145

We did a couple of different rides - my favourite is the little storybook boat ride, of which I have no pictures rather typically! And then headed for a little cruise on the Molly Brown steam boat, rather proud of that picture above actually! I know a lot of people don't see the point in things like the steamboat but they give you little secret views of the park you can't get elsewhere and it's a relaxing way to just take 10 minutes out of your day and breathe.

The cold was really biting today so we called it a day after that and headed in to the Disneyland Hotel for a drink, I can't even remember what I had but it was lovely! I love the bar in the Disneyland Hotel, it's just beautiful and if you're ever visiting Disneyland Paris I highly recommend a little trip in there one evening, the surroundings are beautiful and there's always a man on the piano playing some classic Disney songs. There's also pictures of Walt dotted around and I love that, I think it's nice to have a place where people can just quietly appreciate the man behind the mouse.

IMG_1860 IMG_1862 IMG_1870

After that it was just a night of grabbing some quick food and heading to bed as we spent so much longer in the bar than expected and were completely exhausted - when you're on a Disney holiday it's definitely a holiday that's on the go and you need a few rest nights scheduled in there!


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