Disneyland Paris At Christmas... Day 1

4 January 2015


I realised that whilst I uploaded vlogs of my trip to my YouTube channel I didn't actually do any blog posts about it, so decided I'd catch all my lovely readers up on my December trip to Disneyland Paris. 

Christmas is definitely my favourite time to do Disney as the decorations are second to none and Christmas music is played all through the parks. It's impossible to feel sad at Disney during Christmas time, though it's pretty impossible to feel sad at Disney during any time mind you! There's definitely something extra special about Disneyland Paris at Christmas though, more than Walt Disney World when we went in December of last year (by last year I mean 2013, Disneyland Paris was December 2014!), maybe because it's dark a lot earlier so you see all the Christmas lights on properly or maybe because it's absolutely freezing, so everyone's all wrapped up in scarves and hats - usually Disney ones!

Our first day was mainly travel based, we arrived mid afternoon and grabbed a quick Earl of Sandwich on the way over to the Disneyland Park from our hotel - we stayed at the Hotel New York, which was beautiful and I'll post a hotel review post soon to let you know my full thoughts. 

Once we arrived at the Disneyland Park we wandered Main Street USA - which is my favourite part of the parks - whilst we waited on the parade. I don't know what it is about Main Street but it's just beautiful, maybe because it has the castle in sight no matter where you are, which is the symbol of Disney after all? I could honestly spend the entire day on Main Street USA and just people watch. The parade was beautiful as always, with a little festive touch.

I have no photos of the parade as I was so busy videoing it though! I need to get better at balancing photographing things and vlogging them, I'm always very one or the other, and I don't want to miss out posting about things on my blog because I've been videoing it for my youtube channel. I love my youtube channel, but I want this blog to be something I can open up in a few years time and have a little diary of my life as it was, not something I posted very sporadically on because I was constantly so busy vlogging that I forgot to take still photos!

Anyway... after that we headed through into Fantasyland, my favourite land, and did some rides - It's A Small World is always a great starter ;) 

It was then time for a hot chocolate break, the hot chocolate at Disney is beautiful and I hadn't tried it up till this trip, so it was a new experience for me! After everyone saying how good it was I was prepared to be a little underwhelmed, but I wasn't - it was lovely!

The evening fireworks show took place - again you can watch that on the vlog (I'll embed it at the bottom of the post after the photos!) - and then it was time to head out of the park for dinner. We ended up in the Chicago Steak House, which was lovely - I went for steak and my parents had chicken and fish and all of us were pretty satisfied! They had three courses and I had two, I was full enough from the two to be honest! We had wine and cocktails and all round it was a pretty nice meal. There's no two ways about it - it was overpriced, but so is everything at any kind of place like Disney and you know what you're getting in to before you book, so I don't think there's any point in moaning! It's all part of the holiday anyway, how miserable would you be if you went to Disney and didn't eat in at least one of the restaurants? You can definitely eat more cheaply, but if you're prepared to spend a little more then the Steakhouse is a lovely option!

After dinner we wandered the shops a little more before heading back to the room - where I indulged in a Lush bath with their Shoot for the Stars Christmas bath bomb, which as lovely and if you have a chance at grabbing any on sale before they sell out please do!

I'll leave you with the photos for now, and be back soon with Day 2 details!

Park Time    IMG_2868
IMG_2862 IMG_2864
IMG_2891 IMG_2880

Food & Drink
  IMG_2932IMG_2980 IMG_2993 IMG_2984IMG_2971

The Vlog

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  1. Ah, what a lovely place to spend Christmas! Pretty, festive photos :)



  2. It looks so gorgeous. I really would like to visit in the festive season, so happy, I am truly missing the Disney life x

  3. No, I am not jealous (if I keep saying this I might actually believe it) Happy 2015 girl :)

  4. Lovely photos, so crisp and festive. I really want to visit any Disney park during the holidays. I'm almost a bit sad (not alot) that we'll be going to Paris in spring, but I love that the Christmas store is open year round. May is not too early to buy decorations! We are planning WDW for November though, so hopefully I'll get to experience the christmas festivities there. Also I hear it's not too busy in November either, which sounds good to me.

  5. It looks so beautiful, I'd love to visit Disneyland at Christmas. Your photos make it look every bit as magical as I imagined it would be.
    And the Earl of Sandwich! I still can't stop thinking about an amazing cheese sandwich I had there when I went about 2 and a half years ago. I'd go back just for that sandwich.


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