Timeless Candles - The Gift of Christmas

26 December 2014

When I was wandering The Glasgow Fort doing some Christmas shopping earlier in the week I stumbled across a little pop up from Wear Eponymous selling a few bits and pieces from various independent brands, mainly Scottish ones. I didn't realise it was there but it'll be there till the end of December if anyone in the Glasgow area wants to take a wander in.

I treated myself to this candle from Timeless Candles, their hand poured The Gift Of Christmas. This size is £25.00 but you can get a smaller one for £11 or a bigger for £35. The smaller is totally sold out online and the white glass in the £25 size is also sold out, so I've linked the black above.

For the packaging and look of the product they're so much less cost wise than I'd expect - the box, the glass, the option of which colour glass you'd like, the elegant branding - everything screams luxury and if the price for this had been £45 I'd wouldn't have been surprised.

Obviously the smell is your own personal preference, I'm in love with the spiced tones of The Gift of Christmas, but Timeless produce a tonne of all year round scents too - there's Velvet Sandalwood and Amber and Bergamot options that have my name all over them.

The candles are all soy candles, which means they burn really clean as well, which, when the current blogger fashion is for all-white everything in terms of interiors, is something important to consider!

I've had mine lit since the day I bought it and the smell definitely fills the room (and also the hallway and slightly filters down the stairs too!) and the wax looks like it's barely been touched.

All in all? I 100% recommend these, soy wax that's hand poured, independent company, gorgeous product - what's not to love?

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