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30 November 2014

Amy, a fellow Disney obsessive, tagged me to complete The Magical Orlando Tag, which was set up by Florida Tix as a competition for bloggers. Even if it wasn't a competition I'd want to complete it anyway, but the possibility of prizes does add that extra thrill! It's also a fairly appropriate tag as I'm heading off to DLP soon so, although DLP is certainly no WDW, it'll get me into the mood! (As though I wasn't already!)

 1. Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?
Ravenclaw! I did the Harry Potter Tag over on my YouTube channel, so anyone whose watched that will already know this - and even include the fact I'm a proud Ravenclaw in my twitter bio! - but I definitely think that as I've grown up my personality is 100% Ravenclaw. The funny thing is, I do agree with Dumbledore that they sort a little too early, if I'd been sorted when I was 11 I'd have been a toss up between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, I was much more adventurous and brave back then, but as I've gotten older I'm definitely a Ravenclaw at heart!

Castle Through Ears

2. Name a Disney character you’d like to have dinner with.
That's a hard one! There are so many to chose from that I love... Belle is my ultimate fav though and personality wise we're really similar so I imagine we'd have great dinner conversation! Or maybe Miss Bianca from The Rescuers, I have a lot of love for The Rescuers and can't get anything like as much merchandise as I'd like to of it!

 3. Which Marvel superhero power would you choose?
I'm going to copy Amy here and go with Mystique's Shapeshifting abilities - it'd a pretty useful one to have! I was going to say Spiderman and his spider senses, but actually so much of what he does relies on the suit and I'm not sure I have a scientific enough brain to actually put the suit together! Plus, it's not a very nice outfit for a dumpy 5'1.5 girl. Just saying!

 4. If you could bring back one dinosaur breed from Jurassic Park, which would it be?
Well I wouldn't be going for Raptors, let's just say that! Maybe the Triceratops? He's probably a fairly dangerous one but he's pretty adorable too, and that's obviously the main thing!

 5. You can ride a dragon at the Triwizard Tournament and visit the Owlery at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but where else would you go on a school trip to Hogsmeade?
In Hogsmeade I'd be running for Honeydukes, those magical sweets just always sound amazing. In Diagon Alley though I'd be all over Flourish and Blotts!


 6. A scene in any Disney, Harry Potter or Marvel movie you wish you could experience?
I always say the ballroom scene from Beauty and The Beast, I absolutely love Be Our Guest restaurant and think it's probably as close as anyone could ever come to experiencing that scene, so it's a must do for every trip from now on. I don't think it'll ever stop taking my breath away...

 7. Name one item from any Harry Potter, Disney or Marvel movie would you want for Christmas.
That's so difficult! What's the small print here though, do I get the item or it's properties? Like if I get a wand will I be able to do magic or is it just an instrument I'd have to be magical to be able to work anyway? Yes, yes I am getting too into this! I'm going to say it's a toss up between The Invisibility Cloak and The Time Turner!

Shoes Off

8. Name one unforgettable experience/moment you’ve had at the Orlando Parks.
Honestly it's not that exciting but I think my favourite thing of our entire trip was just being on Main Street USA. In the photo it's after midnight on our last full day, which was also our two year anniversary after a meal at Narcoossee's. I think I could have just stood at the top of that street all night with the castle in sight and soaked up the atmosphere.

So, who will I tag? I'll go for Laura & Charlotte, but if anyone wants to do this feel free and let me know if you do!

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  1. Ahhh Be Our Guest is just so magical isn't it? Ever since I heard it opened I've always thought they should do selected ballroom nights and have like a masquerade ball or something. Then it could be just like the film!

    I love the photo of you on Main Street, it's so pretty :)


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