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21 November 2014

When I saw Laura put this tag up I absolutely had to do it,  I've now done two tag posts in this entire blog's lifetime and they've both been via Laura - great minds! As an all round Christmas obsessive though I just couldn't let this one slip by and if you've done it or are going to do it please link me up below as I just adore reading what other people's Christmas traditions and favourites are!

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie?

Way to start with a hard one! Modern films wise I love The Muppets Christmas Carol (actually, any version of A Christmas Carol makes me really happy, but The Muppets is my fav!), The Santa Clause, Elf, The Grinch and the Miracle on 34th Street remake, but I think my heart will always truly belong with the classics - It's A Wonderful Life, Holiday Inn, White Christmas, the original Miracle on 34th Street... To be honest, I've never met a Christmas film I didn't like but I suppose the overall crown goes to It's A Wonderful Life. The Muppets are 0.1 spaces behind it though!

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

Christmas morning! I can't deal with people who open them on Christmas Eve! Did they just get told Santa just casually visited during the day with his flying sleigh and 8 reindeer and nobody noticed?! Urgh! I get a present on Christmas Eve in the form of a new pair of pyjamas, which I think probably started so my parents could take pictures of me on Christmas morning without me wearing some ratty old pyjamas that I loved and they hated, but it's a tradition that continues today, even when I don't let people take pictures of me first thing in the morning anymore!

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

It's not Christmas day but I'd say being in New York during December, doing Christmas shopping on Madison and walking through Central Park in the snow was pretty special. The photo above is from the Rockerfeller Centre - the one thing that hasn't changed is that my grandmother still can't seem to focus a camera! I love going on holiday around Christmas time and New York has so far been the most picture perfect Christmas place to visit. Though Disneyland Paris isn't too far behind!

4. Favourite Festive Food?

Pigs in blankets! Sorry all you veggies out there!

5. Favourite Christmas Gift?

I honestly don't know! I've had some pretty special ones over the years, but I suppose it's when your a child and you get that thing you really, really want but it's probably not that special to anyone else. I always used to ask for certain stuffed toys and stationery when I was younger and my parents would always get me that then try to think of a 'big present' to get me in addition as I never specified on the 'big present', but even now the things I remember loving the most were the stacks of new notebooks, coloured pens and TY toys with their perfect tags attached. The bike/computer/gadget of some form in the corner always got totally ignored!

6. Favourite Christmas scent?

Christmas scents are all my favourites - I love anything spiced scented so I'm really easy to please around Christmas time with fragrances!

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

We always go to the pantomime on Christmas Eve at The King's Theatre in Glasgow, though other Glasgow panto go-ers will understand when I say it's not been the same since Gerard Kelly died. I remember going the first year since he died and the actor playing his usual part came on and said 'As a friend of mine once said 'Hiya Pals!'' (always Gerard Kelly's character's greeting to the audience) and the entire theatre just got to their feet and gave a standing ovation out of respect for Gerard Kelly.  It's funny how an actor can do so much work in their life time but having something that people identify you with can become so poignant when you don't do it anymore, even if it's not maybe been the most challenging or critically acclaimed part you ever did.

Other than that I mentioned the new pyjamas above and I always put them on and watch Meet Me In St Louis before going to bed super early for Santa to come!

8. What tops your tree?

An angel!

9. As a kid what was the one crazy, wild or extravagant gift you asked for but never received?

As I said above I never used to get that excited about anything extravagant - it was all about the notebooks, pens, novels and stuffed animals for me. Anything I asked for I usually got, without wanting to sound too spoiled! I'm sure my parents wish I could revert back to that now and stop asking for expensive camera equipment and new handbags!

10. What's the best part about Christmas for you?

In general it's definitely just getting to chill out and spend some quality time with my family, we're all super busy and hardly see each other usually since my parents work and I'm at uni during the day and at blog events at night! In particular I love Christmas morning and watching people unwrap the presents I've bought them - I spend hours shopping, determined to find the perfect thing for people so I love watching them open it as I know it's usually spot on! 

As I said, if you do this tag do link em up down below - I'm a Christmas fanatic! And if you're into Christmas too do keep an eye on my YouTube Channel - there might be a few festive videos going up over the next few weeks ;)

Also, if you guys haven't done already please do give my little blog a follow via bloglovin' - I'm hoping to get to 350 by Christmas!

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  1. PIGS IN BLANKETS ARE THE BEST THING EVER! ahaha great post hun i love all things christmasy haha

  2. I answered the questions over on my blog after reading them here! Have you seen the new Pigs and Blankets Christmas crisps in Tesco? Totally not on the Slimming World plan, but I've stockpiled a few of the different Christmas crisp flavours to indulge over the Christmas holidays -


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