Scotch Lamb Food Festival

11 October 2014

A few weeks ago I got a really exciting email in my inbox - a Scotch Lamb Food Festival. Needless to say I was a definite yes RSVP and last Saturday Lynsey and I set our alarms for a super early (for a saturday) rise and were outside the venue banging down the door just before kick off. Lucky we were as there were so many food choices on offer we really needed time to pace ourselves!

Being the totally non vlogger pro and far too excitable foodie that I am I didn't actually remember to take many pictures as I was vlogging the day and then eating as soon as I'd taken a video clip, so I thought I'd wait till I'd uploaded the vlog I've embedded below for your viewing pleasure before putting up this post to run alongside it.

Scoop and their sister company So La Ti Dough (perfect name, right?), Antiriot and pad BKK were all offering up various lamb dishes, with Ox and Finch hydrating us all with some amazing milkshakes - I had the coconut oreo one and also a mango one, both of which were amazing though I sadly don't think they're available on the in restaurant menu, I think I'll need to start a petition to right this wrong!

However there was a massive stand out dish - which came from Jacqueline O'Donnell, the owner and chef at The Sisters Restaurant near my beloved Kelvingrove. She prepared three dished through the day but my favourite was a lamb mince meat wrap creation, I've included the recipe in the vlog and I really can't recommend it enough - it was absolutely amazing!

It was a really lovely event to be at - it was funded by the government just to promote Scotch Lamb as a meat so there were no angles to try and see through and no one pushing anything on you, it was one of the most relaxed events in a long time and one of the best ways to spend a Saturday. I'll definitely be incorporating Scotch Lamb into my diet a bit more, I didn't eat one thing that I disliked and all the meat used was melt in the mouth tender, so I'm 100% a convert!

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  1. I'm not a fan of lamb but the food looks so good! xx

  2. The photos look delicous! :)


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