Happy Hallowe'en!

31 October 2014

Dress - H&M Trend
Boots - Topshop (similar suede)

Since it's Hallowe'en I figured I'd channel the headless horseman and be the headless blogger for the day. Well, that and the fact that harsh winter light and not a lot of sleep meant I looked pretty passable for a zombie in these photos. 

Anyway, don't you just love a good boot? I bought these maybe four years ago now and they still come out every winter. I know an over the knee boot can be tricky but I think a brilliant way to make sure they look fashion and not trashion (yes, I did just make that up!) is to, as ever, channel Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada (post make over, obviously). You know when she's wearing the- the Chanel boots, yeah I am! Well, the fact they look amazing is, in my opinion, probably because they disappear right up under her skirt. You can see the look in the picture on this forum here. I think the lack of thigh flash and the idea that they could almost be leather leggings gives a tough Katniss Everdeen edge to them rather than the Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (pre-makeover) look.  And I love that toughness paired with the lightness of this white dress. 

On another note, last night I went to see Frankenstein in the cinema - the NT Live broadcast with Benedict Cumberbatch as The Creature. They're showing it again on the 4th November with Jonny Lee Miller as The Creature and Cumberbatch as Victor Frankenstein. If you can go I really urge you to do so - though if they broadcast the Cumberbatch as The Creature recording in the future (it's on at the GFT in Glasgow tonight with that cast!) then please do see that as well! 

Cumberbatch was absolutely breath-taking as The Creature, the physical acting he does is absolutely out of this world and JLM as Dr Frankenstein is perfectly measured against it. Add to that an absolutely amazing lighting design and Karl Johnson's perfect De Lacy, it was one of the best plays I've ever seen. I'm definitely planning to see the reversed cast to see what JLM brings to The Creature and Cumberbatch to Victor Frankenstein - both were so wonderful in the roles I saw them perform last night that I can't imagine it topping it, but I need to see it - I'm sure it'll be just as wonderful, in a different way. 

If you do get a chance do check it out, I'm a massive fan of the entire concept of NT Live as, living in Glasgow, I simply can't get down to London to see everything I want to, so being able to see the broadcasts is definitely the next best thing. I'm far too excited to see my absolute babe-crush Leighton Meester perform alongside Chris O'Dowd and James Franco in Of Mice and Men and Richard Armitage as John Proctor in The Crucible for my next two NT Live bookings! 

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  1. love the dress teamed with the boots, looks so nice! x


  2. Your style is stunning! I love your blog and the way you write :)

  3. Pardon the ad, but I'm a lucky owner of this http://shioness.co.uk/product/romantic-lace-detail-dress-in-yellow/ and I trully think you would look goregous in it.


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