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9 October 2014

Feel Unique are turning 9, and as such are celebrating with some pretty nice discounts, depending how quickly you get in there! Today (Thursday) they're offering a massive 15% off for the people who get in there quick with the code BIRTHDAY15, you can get 9% off on Friday with the code BIRTHDAY9 and 6% for the Saturday stragglers with BIRTHDAY6.

Above I've picked out a few of the bits and pieces I love most from the Feel Unique website - one to two of which I might *cough have* already placed a sneaky order for!

I'm a massive skincare junkie and the two skin care sets I've picked out are calling my name, though picking is (as always!) the difficult bit! The Benefit one is a mere £14.50 without discount, contains an entire skincare regime - cleanser, toner, eye cream, two face creams and an exfoliator - so would be perfect for my Paris suitcase in December. I've tried Benefit skincare before and was really impressed, not least of all with their beautiful packaging as well as the beautiful products!

The Emma Hardie set is a slightl touch dearer at £30.00, but still a really reasonable price for all the products you get to play with! It includes the cult cleansing balm, as well as a treatment lotion and night cream for the face along with a body wash, body lotion, body oil and a buffing cloth - so I suppose the difference is the Benefit one concentrated on facial skincare whereas the Emma Hardie version is an all over range. Both still highly excite me though!

I've got two Real Techniques sets picked out - Sam's Pics and Nic's Picks, both of which retail at £29.99, I love the silver packaging of Nic's Picks and the fact it includes a back up of the base shadow brush, which I can't be without. I'm also loving the look of the cheek brush, which looks slightly shorter and fatter than the usual Real Techniques cheek brush, which I find slightly too big sometimes.  The angled eye brush looks gorgeous and the eyeliner brush is perfect for me to drag shadows along the lash line, since I've still never managed to get the hang of the cat eye look!

As for Sam's picks the main attractions for me are the buffing brush, since mine is definitely at the end of its life, and the multitasking brush. Both of these usually come in separate sets retailing at about £20 each so to pay £30 and get both saves me £10 that I'd have spent buying the two individual sets. It also includes a really nice looking crease brush - I can never have too many crease or blending brushes along with the setting brush, which I love for getting under the eye with powder or using for highlighter along the tops of the cheeks, the pointed flat foundation brush which I use for concealor and the liner brush.

As for make up, there's the Naked Basics 2, which I really want in my life. I'm sure it doesn't really offer up much in terms of new-ness, given how many neutral shadows I already have but there's just something about it... And with 15% off you can start to justify those 'I just really want it!' types of purchases!

The Kermit nail varnish duo includes the most beautiful chromey-foily looking nail varnish I've ever seen, as well as a chunky gold and pink glitter shade which I feel would get a tonne of use round party season - which we're heading into as we speak (just me that's already excited for Vlogmas?!)

When I saw this Benefit Cheek kit release and retail for a lovely little £29.50 for six shades and a highlighter I got really really excited. I'm a bit blusher obsessed. When I looked a bit closer though I actually own everything in it except Rockateur and Bella Bamba, so I might be better buying them individually at £23.50 each (before discount) but if I didn't already own so many of the colours (and the highlighter) I'd have snapped this little set up as soon as I saw it.

I'm also loving Benefit's Hervana Blush, I had this applied at a counter not too long ago and it was just beautiful, though I hurried away as quickly as I could since I can't stand the Benefit high pressure, hard sell attitude they seem to employ at counters. I love their products, which to me makes the OTT pushy-ness of their sales tactics even more irritating as it's just not necessary, but thankfully you get to skip that when buying online.

(Speaking of blush, btw, Feel Unique also stock the cult The Balm Frat Boy Blush, which I feel I might need in my life. And the Cabana Boy version! I recently treated myself to the Mary-Lou Manizer and I love it, so I'm keen to try more from this brand!)

Lastly, since we've sorted out your skincare, make up and nails it's time to make yourself smell (and feel) edible with the Korres Guava Body Butter. This stuff. This stuff! I promise you if you buy this you won't be disappointed - other than maybe when you realise you've spent far too many hours of your life just inhaling the tube if you're anything like me. This stuff smells beyond delicious, and it actually does an amazing job of keeping your skin in tip top, moisturised condition - very important coming into the winter months and with all the parties and dresses and skin showing December will bring.

PS If anyone just so happens to be Christmas shopping for me (and yes, I realise I'm the only person thinking about Christmas in October - though I bet I won't be after you've all read this post where I mention Christmas every two minutes!) I'd really love to find the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl under my tree this year!

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  1. I also hate the pressure you feel at certain beauty counters I always end up purchasing some product/s only because I feel bad for having asked for assistance. Thank God for the internet! I'm not a big blush user so the Benefit palette would be the perfect gift although I don't think anyone will come up with the idea of getting it for me. It really is a pity I read this post today and not yesterday, I was even browsing the site to see what I could get with the 15% discount but I couldn't come up with anything :(

  2. Great selection lady! Everything sounds great. Sadly I don't get paid until the end of the month, so won't be able to make the most of this discount, waaa! Hope you bought some nice things? Lianne x

  3. Amazing list! You can never have too many Real Techniques brushes and I'm sooo tempted by the Naked Basics 2 :)




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