Monochrome (And One Exception!)

5 September 2014

I've always been the girl wearing the red coat or the green shoes, I love colour pops and feminine, soft details. I've absolutely never been the girl with the really simple, pared down monochrome, sleek, Scandi style. Just never. Until I realised how much I was becoming her. I don't think change is a bad thing so here is my current wish list. There's still a lot of femininity to the edit of items above but there's definitely s more sleek, simple air about them which I'm just in love with at the moment.

The first dress is from MissGuided and comes in at £24.99. I think when you're experimenting with your style it's important not to spend a whole lot in case it turns out to just be a little bit of a phase - i love the simplicity of this dress but with the whole 'jumper tied round the waist' detail it just makes it that little bit extra special.

The sleeveless trench, also from MissGuided and costing £25.99 is another super sleek piece. If you look at the outfit the model has on it's really understated, just jeans and a top but this trench really takes it up to the next level. Whilst it's maybe not the most weather appropriate piece I just love it. I picked up a really similar coat in Primark a few days ago that has sleeves and is white, so if I managed to get my paws on this one then the two of them would probably end up being worn to death until the weather turns arctic and they're just not feasible anymore.

The white blazer from Lavish Alice is the ultimate easy to wear blazer - the longer line keeps it slightly more casual but it's also just tailored enough to still be smart. This could be thrown on over an LBD for a night out or worn with jeans and a top day to day, so a pretty justifiable purchase!

The black skirt from Topshop is just beautiful, and the website really isn't doing it justice. It's a black brocade skirt with some slight lace detailing at the bottom and I just think it would look so chic peeking out from below the white blazer on a night out. Mind that time Gwyneth Paltrow looked unbelievably amazing... That's what I'm envisioning here! Just need to get Tracey Anderson on speed dial....

This Bardot Midi dress is at a slightly higher price point, coming it at £75.00 but I know enough about my own style to know how much wear I'd get out of this - although it's monochrome and sleek it's so classic in shape that it won't be something to get thrown out after just one season.

The last Topshop dress isn't monochrome but it's still got that really sleek edge to it, i think this would be a gorgeous option for a night out if you wanted to look super polished with minimum effort,  but i'm pretty sure if you threw on some sunglasses, flats and maybe a jumper over the top it'd be great for a daytime look on a crisp Autumn day - you know the type where the sun is shining and everything sparkles but you just need the sweater for that little bit of cosiness?

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  1. Ohh wonderful collage, the black lace skirt looks so pretty! :D



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