Fashion Blogger Nightmares

9 August 2014

Necklace - H&M
Shirt - Moschino
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - New Look

I was torn between naming this post 'Fashion Blogger Nightmares' and 'Getting My MySpace On'. I figured Fashion Blogger Nightmares might rank higher with SEO and get me more hits though, obviously. 

So, incase it's not totally obvious, I was recently put in the horrid position of needing to take me own outfit photos. I know, I committed atrocities in a past life, obviously. Pictures for my beauty blog I'm fine with, cause they basically only need to be of my face - which is simple enough with the help of a remote control, but outfit pictures? God save me. Worse still, I had to take them in my bedroom because my garden is just one big massive slope, carefully landscapes with various little spots of different coloured gravel and stones, as well as grass. So essentially trying to set up both a tripod and myself on one of the few, coveted steady spots wasn't going to go well. 

The thing is, of course, that this is what blogging used to be. Girls in their bedrooms, precariously balancing their camera on top of a pile of books or blu-rays (actually, maybe this was the prehistoric DVD times when blu-rays didn't exist and TVs only came in 2D) and probably actually in a worse position than me by needing to rely on the self timer function of their camera and running back and forth with fingers crossed everything would be in focus. 

Maybe I'm just a bit nostalgic, but I sometimes wish it hadn't evolved the way it has done. For example, I would never usually put these pictures up. Because they don't look glossy, they're not flattering and getting just one full length shot was like trying to use a chocolate teapot.  

Outfit pictures on the average fashion blog these days need to look just short of a magazine level photo shoot. They need to be outside, with a backdrop carefully chosen to compliment an outfit - which is fine if you're a full time blogger but who else has the time to drive around trying to find a location to match the shade of blue in the pattern of your skirt? And nine times out of ten, the bloody outfit itself is high fashion and totally not seasonally appropriate or wearable for the average person. And really, wasn't that the whole point of blogs in the first place? The average person? Wasn't the reason we turned to blogs because we were all sick of journalism that was biased by advertisers and money. There was no integrity and magazines recommended products rather than actually reviewing them. Then blogs came along. Honest, average people saying what they thought or showing what they were wearing or how they were wearing it. It's like we've done a major 180 and blogs are now mini magazines.

I don't know exactly what the point in me writing any of this is, but recently I've been on a bit of a mission to fine some more relatable, less glossy blogs that, without wanting to insult anyone, just feel a bit more honest. If you find any, feel free to throw them my way...

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  1. Totally relate to this post <3 I have to take my own pics all the time and it's so difficult! That skirt is absolutely beautiful though, and I need that necklace! xxx

  2. I love the colour of your skirt! So so gorgeous! I totally agree with what you're saying about blogging and taking photos etc. I'm still doing the whole self timer business, so I understand the pain! I feel like more blogs need to strike the right balance between as you said, looking like a magazine shoot and being the style of photos fashion blogs started with.

    Joanne |

  3. It is such a pain having to take tour own photos! I get my mum to do mine and even though I put the settings on auto, so it's literally point and shoot, she still manages to make them come out blurry bless her! Gorge outfit too by the way lovely! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  4. You look amazing and I do really love that skirt on you, and oh my- those shoes!!
    Photos on your own, and inside are so hard- you did well :) xx

  5. Amen my friend! Blogging has definately changed over the years. I think we all need to go back to the basis!

  6. I think these shots look lovely! Fancy settings don't always improve things- it really is all about the outfit and the blogger in it! Loving the colourful, feminine skirt and those shoes are fabulous :)


  7. I can't believe you did these pics yourself!!!! Come and do mine and I'll take yours! Hehe!

    Great post and you're right - everything is so evolutioned now, it's hard to keep up!

    Tatyana x
    Secret little Stars

  8. I am not a fashion blogger nor do I really read any but I can still appreciate this post as I know what these photo's you mention are like. True that blogs were supposed to be for the average person and more 'real' and some still are. It just happens that some have gone full circle and evolved into a 'mini-magazine' as you put it. Just have to keep trying to find the 'real' ones I guess!

    Amy at Amy & More

  9. Nicely put post. I find it difficult trying to get a full body shot of my outfit usually i just give in with my DSLR and use my iphone which is a shame i guess. XX

  10. You have such amazing style that skirt is fab!


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